iDataLink Maestro: Seamlessly retain and enhance your vehicle’s factory functionalities.

Aftermarket head units can be a bit of a headache! Retaining the use of factory features such as steering wheel controls, parking assist, climate control and voice commands can be difficult or impossible in certain vehicles. iDataLink Maestro can help!

Electric Bug are excited to announce we are now trained and authorised installers of iDatalink Maestro! Designed to bridge the gap between your car’s factory systems and the latest aftermarket upgrades, iDataLink Maestro opens up a world of possibilities for car enthusiasts and tech-savvy drivers alike. This system allows us to retain these factory features when updating your in-dash multimedia system. Additionally, it can even add features like engine performance data and programmable outputs when it’s paired with a compatible Kenwood, JVC, Sony, Alpine or Pioneer head unit!

We will pair a Maestro radio replacement module with an installation kit specific to your vehicle. Check out the iDatalink Maestro website to see what features can be added or retained in your car.

Read on for info on some of the iDatalink Maestro products we now stock, ready for installation into your vehicle!

1. Radio Replacement & Steering Wheel Control Retention Maestro RR, RR2 + ALP-MRR: These are revolutionary radio replacement interfaces that retain your vehicle’s factory features while adding enhanced functionality. Compatible with a wide range of car makes and models, these versatile modules ensures a hassle-free integration process.

2. Steering Wheel Control Retention – Maestro SW + SWHD1: Universal steering wheel control interfaces compatible with over 3000 vehicles 1991 and up. Maestro SW connects to most aftermarket radios to retain your vehicle’s original steering wheel functions. Additionally, assign a secondary (press & hold) function to the buttons of your choice. Compatible with most aftermarket radios equipped with an analog steering wheel input.

3. Dash Installation Kits and T-Harnesses: iDatalink manufacture a range of dash installation kits to make your radio install look and feel as if it just came out of the factory. To retain as many features as possible, we’ll also install an adapter or T-harness specific to your vehicle make and model.

Ready to get started?

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In the modern world, staying connected is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. Whether you’re in a remote location, on a road trip, or simply suffering from poor mobile signal strength, the new Nextivity ROAM R41 mobile signal repeater is here to provide a seamless solution. The GO G41 is also here to solve your poor home connectivity issues. With impressive improvements over its predecessor, the Cel-Fi ROAM R41 is taking mobile signal enhancement to the next level, offering users the flexibility to choose between service providers and the power of the latest 4th generation Nextivity proprietary IntelliBoost chip. Read on to learn more!

Choose Your Service Provider

One of the most significant advancements in the Cel-Fi ROAM R41 is its ability to switch between service providers. This feature empowers users to optimize their mobile signal experience by selecting the carrier that provides the best coverage in a given area, or to accomodate multiple users with different phone plans. It effectively eliminates the need to purchase multiple boosters for different carriers, as well as giving you the freedom to switch providers down the track.

Whether you’re with Telstra, Optus or Vodafone, the Cel-Fi GO G41 is designed to work with them all. This flexibility is a game-changer, particularly for businesses, travelers, or anyone who demands consistent and reliable mobile connectivity.

celfi roam installation in vehicle

The Power of the 4th Generation Nextivity Proprietary IntelliBoost Chip

At the heart of the Cel-Fi ROAM R41’s impressive performance lies its 4th generation Nextivity proprietary IntelliBoost chip. This chip brings several essential benefits to the table:

1. Increased Signal Strength

The Nextivity IntelliBoost chip is designed to enhance mobile signal strength, enabling users to enjoy even faster data speeds, better call quality, and improved reliability than its GO predecessor. Whether you’re streaming video, making calls, or simply browsing the internet, you can expect a noticeable improvement in performance.

2. Intelligent Signal Monitoring

The Cel-Fi ROAM R41 features intelligent signal monitoring, ensuring that it amplifies your signal without causing interference or disruption to nearby cell towers. This advanced technology means you can enjoy boosted signals without negatively affecting the surrounding network. Thanks to this, Cel-Fi is the ONLY legal mobile repeater authorised for sale in Australia. Penalties apply if you are caught with an illegal booster, so beware other options you may find on the internet!

3. Faster Installation and Setup

The Cel-Fi ROAM R41 is designed to be user-friendly, with a quicker and more straightforward installation process. This means that you can set up your signal booster and start enjoying improved connectivity within minutes, without the need for extensive technical expertise. However, for complicated vehicles or perfectionists, Electric Bug is here to ensure you get the most out of your celfi installation!

Electric Bug is your Cel-Fi Dealer!

Electric Bug now installs Cel-Fi ROAM R41. We can pair your signal booster with the best antenna for the job, and ensure an unobtrusive, clean installation in your car, 4WD, truck, van or caravan. Installation takes only a few hours!

Give us a call or get in touch to get started!

Introducing the New Blackvue DR-770X and DR-970X Dashcams: Your Road Safety Upgrade

Upgrade your road safety game with the latest Blackvue DR770X and DR970X dashcams! These cutting-edge devices come packed with new features that’ll make your driving experience safer and more convenient. Both come in front-only and front and rear dash cam models, so you can protect your car the way you want to.

  1. Easy Manual Recording: Say goodbye to the hassle of proximity sensors! The improved manual recording feature lets you capture important moments at the touch of a button with greater accuracy.
  2. Crisp Image Quality: Enjoy clear and detailed recordings, thanks to the enhanced image processor in both front and rear cameras. You won’t miss any vital information on the road.
  3. Extreme Recording Mode: When things get intense, the “Extreme” recording mode steps up with higher frames per second (FPS) to ensure you capture every crucial moment flawlessly.
  4. More Storage, Same Price: Get more space for your recordings with a minimum 64GB SD card, all while keeping the price point similar to the previous model.
  5. Full HD Wide View: Relive your journeys in full HD with a wide-angle view from both the front and rear cameras.
dr770x dashcam

6. Always On: With the included hardwiring cable, your Blackvue dashcam can record even when your car is off, providing peace of mind without worrying about draining the car battery. The Blackvue DR770X and DR970X have inbuilt low voltage shutoff, so no nasty surprises if you leave your car for a few days! For a quick and easy installation, you can also plug it in via the cigarette socket.

7. Instant Alerts: Stay informed with push notifications for detected incidents, so you can act quickly if needed.

8. Easy Event Management: Your Blackvue automatically tags and safeguards event footage, preventing it from being overwritten. Your dashcam will also log speed and GPS data for all events.

9. Remote Live View: Keep an eye on your car with the ability to view live events remotely via the Blackvue cloud and Blackvue app, which keeps security in the palm of your hand.

DR770X vs DR970X

Wondering how the DR770X stacks up against the DR970X? There are a few key differences between the two dash cameras. The DR970X dashcam offers full 4K video, while the 770X dashcam has full HD. Another difference is the wide-angle lens. While the lens on the DR770X is already large at 139-degree viewing angle, the DR970X takes that a step further with a huge 155 degree angle. You’ll also be able to see your videos much faster, with 5GHz Wi-Fi downloads.

The Blackvue DR-770X and DR-970X dashcams offer more than just recording; they provide advanced features to make your drives safer and more enjoyable. Upgrade your road safety today with these top-notch dashcams!

Dont forget, Electric Bug can install dash cams in Adelaide! If you’re interested in installing a new Blackvue in your 4WD, motorhome, truck, bus or vehicle, give us a call!

Check out the new Blackvue dashcam range below!

Everything you need to know about Thuraya, Inmarsat and Iridium sat phones!

What’s the Best Satellite Phone?

There are many factors that go into determining the right sat phone for you! For complete reliability, and dust/splashproofing choose an Iridium 9575! If you need a cheap handset for short trips in the NT, choose the Thuraya XT-LITE, and if you need email and weather updates, the Iridium GO! is for you.

If you don’t need voice calling, you might even consider a low-cost satellite messenger. Satellite messengers from Zoleo, SPOT and Garmin offer two-way messaging, SOS and even weather updates for an affordable price.

Satellite Phone Cost

Sat phone price varies based on factors such as the hardiness of the phones construction, the features, and the network. The main factor affecting cost is the coverage provided by the sat phone network. Therefore, networks with the least coverage offer the cheapest handsets starting around $1000, while complete coverage across Australia can cost around $2000.

Satellite phone cost per month varies depending on your plan. Most services offer a month-to-month plan option, however these can incur an activation fee. Sat phone plans can start at as little as $16.50 per month. Pivotel also offer a helpful service suspension option, for a small fee you can suspend your service but keep your SIM and phone number when not in use.

Do Sat Phones Work Everywhere?

The short answer: sort of! Sat phone service is line of sight, so you are limited based on where the satellite is located compared to you. If you are on one side of a mountain and the networks only satellite is on the other side, you’re out of luck! Therefore, it is important to consider where you will be travelling when choosing a satellite phone. Each network sells specific phones locked to their network so there is no switching providers once you’ve bought your phone.

Choosing a network with more than one satellite can also be a good idea as if one satellite fails, there are more available to continue to provide coverage.

Thuraya Satellite Phones

Thuraya is the cheapest satellite phone network available. The Thuraya network has one satellite near Australia, located to our north-west over Singapore. The satellite is geostationary, meaning if you are in an area without signal, this will not change unless you move. The satellite location means you will have better coverage in northern states such as WA, NT, and northern QLD and SA. In addition, coverage in VIC, NSW, and Tasmania is very limited.

Electric Bug recommends the Thuraya XT-LITE, rather than the SatSleeve model. This is because when using the SatSleeve, you need to make sure two devices are charged, working, and connected. If you drop your smartphone in a puddle, your SatSleeve won’t work either!

The SatSleeve or Hotspot are great if you want to use your Android, Samsung or Iphone as a satellite phone, or need to use your phone inside a caravan or other structure. You can place the SatSleeve outside, and use your smartphone to make satellite phone calls inside!

Plans starting at: $16.50/month

Purchase if: You travel throughout WA, NT and northwestern Australia, and want a sturdy, low-cost satellite phone.

Inmarsat Satellite Phones

The Inmarsat network is similar to Thuraya in that that have only one geostationary satellite near Australia. The Inmarsat satellite is more centrally located, above PNG. This means that QLD, the NT, northern WA, SA and NSW have good coverage. Service is available in VIC and TAS, but can be patchy.

This phone offers an SOS button and location services, as well as IP65 splash resistance and a huge 160 hours of battery life on standby, making it a great all round choice. Unlike most other satellite phones, the Inmarsat IsatPhone2 can actually notify you of incoming calls with the antenna stowed.

Plans starting at: $43/month

Purchase if: You travel throughout WA, NT, QLD and northern and central Australia, and want a reliable satellite phone. You don’t expect to be making many incoming or outgoing calls. You need a phone that can receive calls with the antenna stowed.

Iridium Satellite Phones

Need a satellite phone that works everywhere? Choose Iridium. Iridium is the most reliable global satellite network. This network has 66 satellites constantly orbiting the earth. Therefore in the unlikely event that you are out of range of a satellite, within a few minutes a satellite will move within range. If you are wanting the top satellite phone, choose Iridium.

Iridium satellite phone plans are the most expensive, however you are paying for the unrivalled coverage. Iridium also offer a range of models, including the reliable Iridium 9555, the waterproof, GPS/SOS enabled Iridium Extreme, and the Iridium GO! which enables voice calling, SMS and email right from your smartphone.

Plans starting at: $65/month

Purchase if: You need an easy to use handset with extremely reliable coverage across all of Australia.

Purchase if: You like to use your smartphone for calls. You need light email and SOS capability, and weather updates.

Purchase if: You need a very hardy, shock, dust and splash resistant device. You need SOS capability.

Purchase if: You only need a satellite phone for the short term, and can’t justify the cost of purchasing new.

Satellite Phone Batteries, Sat Phone Plans, Satellite Phone SIM Cards and more!

Electric Bug stock all the accessories you need for your satellite phone. We have batteries, chargers, international adapters, cases and more to suit your Iridium, Thuraya and Inmarsat handsets.

Authorised Pivotel Dealer

Pivotel is Australia’s largest satellite communications provider. They only deal in satellite communications, so they know what they are talking about! Electric Bug are a licenced dealer for Pivotel, so we can assist with plan advice, satellite phones, and SIM card connections, either in-store or over the phone.

Need accessories, SIM card connections, hire or just some advice?

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Whats the difference between the XTRAK 80 and the XTRAK 80 Pro?

Uniden’s new range of XTRAK Pro radios is finally available to purchase! As you may have noticed, Uniden has released a few different models of their new offering, the XTRAK 80 and the XTRAK 80 Pro. You might be wondering, what is the difference between the XTRAK 80 and the Pro model? Read on to find out!

Both models offer a huge range of great features not found on many previous Uniden offerings. The backlit keypad and anti-glare OLED display make it easy to see, day or night. The remote mic also has a powerful 2 Watt speaker built in for maximum sound output. The new magnetic mic holder is a great feature, making it easy to securely mount your microphone when not in use.

The XTRAK range also offers Uniden’s MasterScan® technology. This means if your channel is interrupted by other users, you and all radios in your group will seamlessly jump to a new empty channel, to allow for uninterrupted communication.

Another feature available on both models is Uniden’s innovative one touch instant replay. This allows you to record and replay up to 6 minutes of recently received communications, meaning you won’t miss an iportant transmission again! The Pro version allows recorded transmissions to be played through the app, as well as the radio itself.

Now for the key differences in the XTRAK range; App connectivity and Location Sharing. Location Sharing is a great feature that allows you to share your position without any mobile service. Share a spot you’ve found with others you are travelling with, or use your XTRAK 50 Pro handheld to keep track of the kids when they’re out adventuring.

The app allows you to view location sharing features, as well as control radio settings and listen to your audio recordings. The Bluetooth connectivity of the Pro also allows you to divert audio to alother Bluetooth enabled device, such as an earpiece.

At $549.95, the XTRAK 80 Pro retails for $100 more than its XTRAK 80 counterpart at $449.95. If location sharing is an important feature for you, this could be a great deal! The XTRAK 80 Pro is perfect for families and groups, as the location sharing makes finding each other easy and instant replay means noisy cabins are no issue! The pro version also pairs seamlessly with the XTRAK 50 Pro. If you need help deciding, would like to preorder your new UHF just in time for Christmas, or want any more info, give Electric Bug a call on 8346 9234 or shop below!

Driving around town the majority of antennas we see at the moment are bullbar mounted, and for good reason! This style of mounting is easy to install, does not present any clearance issues when driving through low scrub or around the city, and looks good too!

However, if you’re wondering where to mount a UHF antenna without a bullbar, this might be your answer. If you’re looking for improved signal transmission, don’t look past roof mounting! This location can provide greatly improved range for many styles of antennas. UHF antenna mount location can have a huge effect on your transmission distance and clarity, so its important to get it right.

Some things to consider when deciding where to mount your antenna:

1. Where are you travelling?

As you may know, lower dB antennas can work better in hillier environments, while a higher dB antenna is good for flat terrain. This is because lower gain antennas emit a rounder signal, which is able to reach higher and lower terrain, while high gain antennas ‘push’ the signal further horizontally, at the expense of other directions.

Maintaining line of sight is a good rule of thumb when determining the best place to mount your antenna. The body of a car can interfere with any antenna signal as it acts as a barrier. As lower dB antennas tend to be shorter and stubbier, they can have an even harder time transmitting and receiving with a car blocking their signal.

If you are planning to do a lot of travelling in hilly areas and are relying on a stubby antenna, roof mounting is a great option. Additionally, if you’re looking to get the most out of your high gain antenna, roof mounting can maximise your reach.

roof mounted antenna with laydown bracket

2. What kind of car are you driving, and does it allow you to easily roof mount an antenna?

example of bullbar mounted antenna

If you’re wondering where to mount a UHF antenna without a bullbar, don’t worry, there’s plenty of options. Some of the best options include the antenna bonnet mount, which wedges in the gaps on your bonnet, or roof rail mounted antennas.

If your car has roof racks, you’re in luck! This makes mounting an antenna very easy. If not, you may need to drill through the roof, which is a larger task, but often worth the effort. If this seems daunting, don’t despair!

Call Electric Bug and we can walk you through the steps, from choosing an antenna to performing the install. We have extremely knowledgeable installers with experience installing antennas on a range of different makes and models.

3. Do you need to drive through low-clearance areas often?

We all have to come back to the city sometime! Although roof mounting provides the best range, it can make driving under low-hanging trees or into supermarket car parks a pain. Fortunately, we’ve got solutions!

  • Spring Mounted Antennas: a heavy duty spring down by the base means these antennas can bend under trees and other obstacles a fair amount without damage
  • Fold Down Brackets: allow you to lay your antenna flush with the roof when not in use. Some antennas mounted on the roof are even able to pick up a good signal while laying down!
  • Removable Whips: brands such as GME and RFI make excellent quick removable whips, which can be unscrewed from the base when needed. This is often just as fast as using a lay-down bracket. Some bases even fit multiple antennas, so you can use different antennas on the same mounting position!
  • Magnetic Mount Antennas: There are many options for mounting antennas without drilling through your rood, and magnetic antenna mounting is a great choice for the casual user. Just don’t drive too fast without extra fastening like tape!
example of roof mounted antenna at Electric Bug

Our staff are extremely experienced, and can help you find the right antenna, bracket, and mount for your vehicle and needs. We have hundreds of different antennas in stock, so we’ll always have options for you! Give us a call, we’d love to give you a hand!

Interested in some of the products mentioned? Check out these products online, or come in store to see our full range!

Fold Down Antenna Mounts

Magnetic Antenna Mounts

Bullbar Antenna Mounts

The fēnix 6 series is the next generation of ultimate outdoor GPS smartwatches . Built on the exploits of athletes and adventurers, the fēnix 6
Series is for those who push past limits and redefine expectations. With an all new exciting performance design the fēnix 6 comes in a range
of sizes, finishes finishes,cutting edge feature levels and significantly improved battery life. These rugged, techtech-rich wearables are built to take on any
challenge and fit any active lifestyle



Nearly 4000 snakebite cases are reported in Australia yearly. It is never a pleasing experience to be bitten by a snake. So do you have to wait to get bitten to know what to do?

It is much more convenient to call an ambulance when you are in the comfort of your home or at work, and you get bitten by a snake. But how long will it take for an ambulance to get to you if you were on a road trip or camping somewhere far away from town in a desert and you, or your friend, or family member gets bitten by a snake? Knowing what to do is important in this case.

Snake bites are not only limited to desert areas; land snakes come out of hiding all over Australia as the heat intensifies. Snakes in Australia should not be taken for granted especially the ones found in the desert as over 100 different kinds of snakes are venomous in Australia, out of which a handful can lead to death!

Are you a fan of adventures and love to go camping?
There are various things you might need to prepare against or prepare for in case of any eventuality. Have you thought about preparing against or handling a snake bite case when you go camping? No one prepares for war when the war is imminent, you prepare for battle beforehand, handling snakes needs prior preparation.

There are rules you need to wrap your head around when it comes to handling snake bites in the desert. Here are six of them:

  • Be able to call for help: Call triple-0 they will get help to you as soon as possible: however, this may be difficult in remote areas where there is no or limited signal to make the call. Electric Bug can help with this! One solution is a Cel-Fi system, which can boost limited cell signal to full strength. Sometimes however, you may be so remote that there is no signal at all. In this case, it is advisable to go camping with a satellite phone. Satellite phones can reach where mobile phones can’t. Satellite phones don’t rely on carrier networks to work; they rely on satellites orbiting the earth. Electric Bug has Satellite phones, Cel-Fi Systems, and even Emergency Beacons for sale or hire.
  • In the event of a snake bite while camping, keeping calm, and not trying to move is a significant key to stop the spread of the venom. Stay put.
  • Also, avoid trying to wash off the bite area as the venom or snake type can be identified through the remnants of venom left of your skin when help arrives.
  • Apply compression bandage if handy. See this Red Cross article for info on correct bandaging.
  • Make sure to mark the bite spot so doctors can identify it.
  • Do everything necessary to slow the spread of the venom like not elevating the limb above the heart.

It is possible to get bitten by a snake while journeying on  four wheels. Snakes can crawl into the car when you stop to stretch your legs or grab something from a store. To avoid snake bites in your vehicle;

  • Never leave your car window wound down, even if you are only away from your vehicle for a moment, always lock up properly.
  • Inspect your vehicle before you enter, these reptiles are quiet and move quickly and may crawl into your car when you are unaware of it.

Always taking prevention measures is better than finding a cure.

Satellite phones are reliable communication gadgets virtually anywhere on earth and have currently become crucial communication items in places where your Smartphone’s network coverage gets unreliable and out of range. While there are various options available in the market, choosing the right one can be a headache. To help you with this problem, here are four satellite phones to consider. Lets jump right into it !


the Iridium 9575 is one of the compact handsets today. Also known as “The Iridium Extreme®” This handset has a lot of features that make it among the best satellite phone to survive in the most unforgiving places on earth. Built to military-grade durability, the Iridium 9575 is the most rugged satellite phone to have been developed to date. The handset comes with an Ingression Protection rating of 1P65, giving it the capability to resist shock. Don’t worry about the dirt while in the desert or wherever you are: the Iridium 9575 is dust-proof and resistant to jet-water.

No photo description available.

If you ever find yourself in a tough spot, Iridium Extreme® is ready to help with a dedicated, programmable, one-touch SOS button. With one push, you can access 24/7 emergency assistance anywhere in the world by registering for GEOS Emergency Monitoring through Travel Safety Group Limited.

For vacation enthusiasts, the  Iridium 9575 supports online tracking and Google mapping services. The GPS-enabled location-based services make this handset ideal for use in camping and 4WD adventures. Its battery supports 4 hours of talk time and can last for 30 hours on standby mode. It is an ideal gadget for use by various people of professional fields in especially in the following industries but not limited to the military personnel, emergency crews and government operations

Still on the Iridium family is the Iridium 9555. Wherever you are planning to go, you can grab yourself the Iridium 9555 which can handle

any environment: from baking deserts to frozen ice packs. Its sleek design is just unmatched in my opinion, light weight and very  easy to operate,  when it comes to fu

nctionality this phone meets all requirements. The popular satellite phone has an industrial grade hardbody and its small size, durability and (as mentioned) easiness to use makes the model among the best selling satellite phones to have ever been produced. The handset operates on a global mobile communication network, which makes it the gadget of choice for anywhere on the planet that one wants to be able to make a phone call at their demand. It has a powerful battery of up to 4 hours talk time and 30 hours on standby mode. fun fact, at Electric Bug our hire fleet is made of Iridium 9555 hand sets, as we know they will work everywhere with out fail!.

To concluded, it is built to work even in the harshest environments. So, customers working on the toughest environments need to worry no more as this phone comes as a lifesaver wherever and whenever it is needed and we connect all Iridium phones under the Pivotel network through their phone plans.


Image result for xt light thuraya

The list cannot be complete without Thuraya XT-LITE. This is a value satellite phone that was developed to cater for the cost-conscious customers. However, the price is not a factor compromising quality as the handset comes with an uninterrupted connection with over two-thirds global satellite coverage. With a Thuraya XT LITE, you can receive call notifications even when the antenna is stowed, enabling you to stay connected every time.  A recently, very popular phone and this could be why!

With up to 6 hours’ of talk-time & 80 hours’ standby time your in reliable hands when it comes to a battery and you can set your phone to any of the 12 languages available; User-friendly menu and interface is what drives the popularity of this phone. The XT-LITE satellite handset is designed for ease of use. We connect the XT light to the Thuraya network through our partners at Pivotel, with an affordable plan starting at only $15/month with a minor connection fee this phone is hard to look past when it comes to value for your hard earned money, see the plans here!

In need of a tough and reliable satellite phone for your tough world? Isatphone 2 is the right choice for you. This handset was designed to cope with any environment you can think of; be it high heat or icy blasts, heavy downpours or desert sandstorms.

This handset comes with an unrivalled battery life that offers 8 hours talk time and can stay for up to 160 hours on standby mode. Isatphone 2 has an excellent voice quality and reliable satellite communication as it operates over the worldwide Inmarsat network, which we connect customers on through Pivotel, see the plans here!, with a 99.9% average availability you can trust this device. The Isatphone 2 is, therefore, a satellite phone you can depend on wherever you go.  It is an ideal choice for demanding users in sectors such as oil and gas, the media and NGOs which operate in remote areas.

In conclusion, A satellite phone is a great accessory to have and some what essential for any emergency situation you could find yourself in, making the choice of which phone to buy is now easy because whichever satellite phone you choose under which ever respective network , we here at Electric Bug are here to assist you with all this as well as all hiring, repairs and plan connecting enquiries you may have before you embark on that big trip or work mission! Thank you for reading, we look forward to seeing you soon.


Image may contain: outdoor


XRSTM Connect Active Mute is a brand-new feature available for the XRS™ Connect range of UHF CB Radios, allowing users to manually mute the radio when receiving a phone call to their mobile phone. The XRS™ Location Services App is able to detect incoming phone calls and automatically mute the XRS™ radio for the duration of the call, ensuring uninterrupted phone conversations.

Active Mute uses smart phone and Bluetooth technology to either mute or lower the XRS™ radio volume automatically when the user makes or receives a phone call. This allows the user to focus on their conversation rather than manually adjusting the volume on the XRS™ radio.


The Active Mute feature can be programmed via the XRS™ microphone or through the XRS™ Connect App. Numerous custom programmable features allow you to select exactly how you want the Active Mute feature to work. Combined with the XRS™ Connect Voice Playback feature, you’ll never miss a radio call, even when your XRS™ radio is muted.

This new feature is ideal for families and users who rely on both UHF CB and Mobile communication in their vehicles.

This exciting new feature will be available to download from the 27th of May, via firmware update through the XRS™ Connect and XRS™ Location Services smartphone applications on both Google Play and the App Store


Gone are the days when people used to face a lot of challenges on the road due to minimal communication and digital assistance. Today, when you set off for your camping and caravanning trip or just simply driving through a urban area, you no longer need the big paper maps, especially with such breakthroughs such as Garmins 775  or a Hema HX-1. What you need is up-to-date information about the roads terrain, campsites, facilities and everything pertaining to your outdoor adventure. With the advanced technological and digital communication facilities that are currently available, you only need a Smartphone that is compatible with many applications. Here are five must-have applications to assist you on your adventure travel around Australia.

Google Maps is the perfect replacement for paper maps when we are talking about the suburbs and of course paired up with your handheld GPS for the more remote areas !. The app helps you to navigate across any Australian Road during your outdoor recreation. The application provides street maps, satellite imagery and street view perspectives for accuracy with any 3 or 4G connection, in essence the app will see where road works, or traffic delays are and provide you with the fasted rout too! thank you, I’ll take that!,

If you are not sure of the direction to follow or the place you are, Google Maps is a must-have. The app has a voice-guided GPS navigation that comes in handy when driving or biking through an unfamiliar road. You will, however, probably need a RAM Mount for your Smartphone, RAM have options for all phones of all sizes and for all vehicles  and can be built to your liking.

Now that you know how to navigate around Adelaide or your respective suburb and entire Australia with your four-wheel drive but do you know the various amazing destinations that you can go? Worry not because WikiCamps is here for your rescue. This particular app contains up-to-date information about caravan parks, camping grounds, points of interest, backpacker hostels, and information centres-the app has almost everything that an outdoor enthusiast may want.  Another fantastic feature of WikiCamps is that it can be operated offline so you can sit back and relax with no need to be worried about WIFI connection or cell phone connectivity. While you may opt for Satellite phone or UHF CB Radio for communication in areas with no cell phone reception, WikiCamps is what you need to guide you across Australia. WikiCamps comes with filters to customise your search. Are you cruising with a 4WD? Do you intend to travel with pets? WikiCamps filters the information and gives you the place to visit based on your needs.

With the Waze Audio Player, you can enjoy music & navigation in harmony – Where you can enjoy the  music in the same time as driving with Waze and don’t lose a beat, not even once! how it works is you have to sync waze with your favorit audio service, super easy (for example, mine is Spotify! compatible with waze) to come upon a smooth experience between Waze and your audio controls. Get audio controls inside Waze and also turn-by-turn instructions in your music app. Now, this is where it gets cool….

For outdoor enthusiasts, you will agree with me that cruising with your 4WD car is fun. It can, however, be frustrating if you are caught up in traffic. That’s where Waze App comes in handy. This App gives you up-to-date information about what is happening ahead of your track. Waze App tells you about the state of traffic, crashes, construction, and more information in real-time extending the service to give you more than music. This amazing application can show you the best alternative route for you to follow in case of crashes or traffic. You can tell your estimated arrival time and also the nearest fuel stations along your pathway. With the unpredicted traffic in Australia, the Waze App is definitely an application that you ought to have.

Planning for an outdoor adventure can be stressful especially when you have no idea of the places to go. Look no further than the people who brought us the HX-1 ! Hema are the leaders when it comes to outback maps in Australia and we strongly recommend their products. The Hema Explorer app helps in planning and navigating your four-wheel drive, caravanning or camping adventures. You can use this application to plan your vacation by finding the ideal caravan parks, campsites, and rest areas that are essential during your outdoor recreation. Worried about where to refuel? Keep calm, with Hema Explorer installed in your Smartphone; you can find 24-hour fuel locations, that’s handy ! moving on further…

By accessing Hema Explorer Map, you can get information about roads and 4WD tracks that will guide you across Australia. You want to make your travel adventure simple with quick re-routing and capture and record every step of your trip-what are you waiting for? Install Hema Explorer and enjoy your dream camping and caravanning experience.

And there you have it, four apps you need on your phone, helping you with music, camping, navigation in the city and valuable easy to access information all in your pocket !


Advancement in technology has made work easier in so many ways. You could be planning for a vacation, and you are wondering how you can get there since you are not conversant with your destination. Your four-wheel drive may not be enough. You need a nice car GPS to assist you in navigating through the various trucks as without fear of getting lost. You may be wondering: “why should I use a separate GPS when I can use my Smartphone apps such as Google Maps, Waze or Apple Maps?” Well, here is the thing, these apps will end up using consuming your internet data and phone battery and will significantly bog down your phone performance especially when travelling long distance. But, with the best car GPS, you will cruise through the rough and bumpy trucks without any frustrations. What you have to do is just enter your desired location, and voila, you will know which direction to follow. While there are several models and brands in the market, here are the 4 best GPS devices ideal for your four-wheel driving expedition.

A device that provides cruising guides across Australia and New Zealand. The  Rv 775 MTS has a Smartphone Link App that enables you to access basic weather and live traffic information. It has thousands of HEMA points of interest that a traveler can choose. With a built-in Wi-Fi, you can easily access Australia and New Zealand maps while on the road.

If you have been keen enough, you will realise that all the top 4 GPS devices are Garmin brand.  It is apparent that Garmin brand is the best as far as GPS devices are concerned.

Garmin GPS devices apply state-of-the-art technology to ensure their devices are just the best. Garmin products are designed with the customer in mind; hence, they are just irresistible, and the relatively high cost of these devices is justifiable. Similar to RV 770 LMT-S in terms of features, RV 775 MTS is a bigger version of an advanced navigator which leads us to the second pick!

RV 770 LMT-S is another navigator that any camping enthusiast should have. This advanced navigator is ideal for your four-wheel driving lifestyle. It guarantees you enjoyment of the open road while travelling with essential guidance features for any outdoor enthusiast.

The device provides custom routing and road warnings which will help you in safe navigating through the Australian rough terrains. With hands free Bluetooth calling capability, RV 770 LMT-S ensures you reach your destination safely.

For those who are not familiar with Australia, this navigator has a directory of RV Parks and Services where you can filter searches and get the most preferred POIs.




Coming at number 3 is Garmin DriveAssist 51 LMT-S. This device comes with a built-in dash cam for you to record your entire journey. The dash cam has optional audio and can continuously record your entire drive. DriveAssist 51 LMT-S incorporates smart capabilities such as Bluetooth hands-free calling so you won’t have to stop your car to make a call. The device also has advanced driver alerts to keep you safe wherever you go. The device provides free updates of Australia and New Zealand.


Whether you are familiar with Australia or not, you don’t have to worry about anything. DriveAssist 51 LMT-S provides real-time updates on basic weather and live traffic updates. With this device, once can access parking information, including availability trends and pricing as you approach your camping site.

Lastly, Garmin Drive 51 LM is the number one GPS device that whoever is planning to travel around Australia should have. Having Garmin Drive 51 in your car guarantees you a smoother trip. The device comes with preloaded Australian and New Zealand maps to help you navigate through the unknown tracks during your outdoor adventure.


Afraid of what lies in front of you? Don’t worry. Garmin Drive 51 has innovative driver alerts that will make you aware of dangerous curves, speed cameras, animal crossings, speed changes and railroad crossings, among others. With such alerts, safe four-wheel driving experience is guaranteed. The device is integrated with TripAdvisor to help you find amazing travel points of interest. Garmin Drive 51 is what you need for safe and stress-free drive in Australia and New Zealand.