Camping Stores Adelaide

Electric Bug—We Are the Best Camping Store in Adelaide That Specialises in Electronics

Are you looking for Adelaide camping stores specialising in electronic devices? Look no further and choose Electric Bug. With our communication and navigation products, you can efficiently find your way in the wilderness.

Being outdoors is among life’s best experiences. To make your camping trip a pleasant experience, we offer a broad range of electronics that can help all camping enthusiasts with their exploration. Our sales staff can help you find the device you need for your outdoor adventures. They are knowledgeable about the products we offer and will provide you with the best advice regarding your purchase.

As Adelaide’s preferred camping stores, we dedicate ourselves to providing you with the best customer service. We can go above and beyond your expectations with our superior product knowledge. Our company has been serving adventure enthusiasts for years. From a store that sells cameras, we have evolved into a premier provider of communication and navigation products, repairs, and installations.

Camping Stores Adelaide

As One of the Best Camping Stores in Adelaide, Our Team at Electric Bug Knows the Importance of Devices

For outdoor enthusiasts, there are different types of devices offered by camping stores in Adelaide. Some examples include multi-function devices, one-way communication, two-way communication and personal locators.

Wilderness travellers such as backpackers and hikers need high-tech and reliable equipment for various reasons.

  • Communicate with family and friends, sending them “I’m okay” messages.
  • Sending SOS
  • Two-way messaging for professional and personal communications
  • Trip planning and GPS tracking
  • Photography
  • Map reading
  • Much more!

The wilderness can be full of uncertainties. That’s why it’s important to have devices other than your phone to locate where you are and to communicate with others in case of an emergency. With such devices, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can ask for help.

Camping stores in Adelaide offer traditional and unique devices for various adventures. Let us know about your upcoming camping trip so we can provide you with the best options.

Camping Stores Adelaide

Choose Electric Bug – the Best Camping Store in Adelaide for Your Communication and Navigation Needs

Camping stores in Adelaide, such as Electric Bug, will match suggestions according to your camping style. Most people do not go beyond roadside rest stops and caravan parks during their adventures. Others want to appreciate nature further by going on foot, carrying a backpack.

As one of the trusted camping stores in Adelaide, we will provide you with customised communication and navigation options, including GPS, maps, radios, and more.

“I purchased a GPS navigator a few weeks before the Adelaide caravans camping show from them and the item was considerably cheaper for the show. I enquired and mentioned I should’ve waited to buy it. The manager at the show took my name and number and refunded the difference. I don’t think too many businesses would’ve done that”. – Fabio Palcini

Make your adventures fun, enjoyable, and safe by visiting our camping store in Adelaide. You can also shop Electric Bug products and services online!