The fēnix 6 series is the next generation of ultimate outdoor GPS smartwatches . Built on the exploits of athletes and adventurers, the fēnix 6
Series is for those who push past limits and redefine expectations. With an all new exciting performance design the fēnix 6 comes in a range
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Nearly 4000 snakebite cases are reported in Australia yearly. It is never a pleasing experience to be bitten by a snake. So do you have to wait to get bitten to know what to do?

It is much more convenient to call an ambulance when you are in the comfort of your home or at work, and you get bitten by a snake. But how long will it take for an ambulance

to get to you if you were on a road trip or camping somewhere far away from town in a desert and you, or your friend, or family member gets bitten by a snake? Knowing what to do is an exigency in this case.


The heat in the desert is something that snakes are not comfortable with n their hiding, so often, they come out of their holes to get some fresh air. This is not only limited to desert areas; land snakes come out of hiding all over Australia as the heat intensifies. Snakes in Australia should not be taken for granted especially the ones found in the dessert as over 100 different kinds of snakes are venomous in Australia, out of which a handful can lead to death!

Are you a fan of adventures and love to go camping?
There are various things you might need to prepare against or prepare for in case of any eventuality. Have you thought about preparing against or handling a snake bite case when you go camping? No one prepares for war when the war is imminent, you prepare for battle beforehand, handling snakes needs prior preparation.

There are rules you need to wrap your head around when it comes to handling snake bites in the desert. Here are six of them:

  • The first tip if you get bitten by a snake in the desert is to call triple-0 they will get help to you as soon as possible: this may be difficult as you are camping in a desert and there might be no signal to make the call, so it is always advisable to always go camping with a satellite phone. Satellite phones can reach where mobile phones can’t. Satellite phones don’t rely on carrier networks to work; they rely on satellites orbiting the earth.
  • In the event of a snake bite while camping, keeping calm, and not trying to move is a significant key to stop the spread of the venom. Stay put.
  • Also, avoid trying to wash off the bite area as the venom or snake type can be identified through the remnants of venom left of your skin when help arrives.
  • Apply compression bandage if handy.
  • Make sure to mark the bite spot so doctors can identify it.
  • Do everything necessary to slow the spread of the venom like not elevating the limb above the heart.

It is possible to get bitten by a snake while journeying on your four wheels. Snakes can crawl into the car when you stop to ease yourself or grab something from a store. To avoid snake bites in your vehicle;

  • Never leave your car glasses winded down if you have to go your car for a moment, always lock up properly.
  • Ensure to inspect your vehicle before you enter, these reptiles are sleek in movements and may crawl into your car when you are unaware of it.

Always taking prevention measures is better than finding a cure.

Satellite phones are reliable communication gadgets virtually anywhere on earth and have currently become crucial communication items in places where your Smartphone’s network coverage gets unreliable and out of range. While there are various options available in the market, choosing the right one can be a headache. To help you with this problem, here are four satellite phones to consider. Lets jump right into it !


the Iridium 9575 is one of the compact handsets today. Also known as “The Iridium Extreme®” This handset has a lot of features that make it among the best satellite phone to survive in the most unforgiving places on earth. Built to military-grade durability, the Iridium 9575 is the most rugged satellite phone to have been developed to date. The handset comes with an Ingression Protection rating of 1P65, giving it the capability to resist shock. Don’t worry about the dirt while in the desert or wherever you are: the Iridium 9575 is dust-proof and resistant to jet-water.

No photo description available.

If you ever find yourself in a tough spot, Iridium Extreme® is ready to help with a dedicated, programmable, one-touch SOS button. With one push, you can access 24/7 emergency assistance anywhere in the world by registering for GEOS Emergency Monitoring through Travel Safety Group Limited.

For vacation enthusiasts, the  Iridium 9575 supports online tracking and Google mapping services. The GPS-enabled location-based services make this handset ideal for use in camping and 4WD adventures. Its battery supports 4 hours of talk time and can last for 30 hours on standby mode. It is an ideal gadget for use by various people of professional fields in especially in the following industries but not limited to the military personnel, emergency crews and government operations

Still on the Iridium family is the Iridium 9555. Wherever you are planning to go, you can grab yourself the Iridium 9555 which can handle

any environment: from baking deserts to frozen ice packs. Its sleek design is just unmatched in my opinion, light weight and very  easy to operate,  when it comes to fu

nctionality this phone meets all requirements. The popular satellite phone has an industrial grade hardbody and its small size, durability and (as mentioned) easiness to use makes the model among the best selling satellite phones to have ever been produced. The handset operates on a global mobile communication network, which makes it the gadget of choice for anywhere on the planet that one wants to be able to make a phone call at their demand. It has a powerful battery of up to 4 hours talk time and 30 hours on standby mode. fun fact, at Electric Bug our hire fleet is made of Iridium 9555 hand sets, as we know they will work everywhere with out fail!.

To concluded, it is built to work even in the harshest environments. So, customers working on the toughest environments need to worry no more as this phone comes as a lifesaver wherever and whenever it is needed and we connect all Iridium phones under the Pivotel network through their phone plans.


Image result for xt light thuraya

The list cannot be complete without Thuraya XT-LITE. This is a value satellite phone that was developed to cater for the cost-conscious customers. However, the price is not a factor compromising quality as the handset comes with an uninterrupted connection with over two-thirds global satellite coverage. With a Thuraya XT LITE, you can receive call notifications even when the antenna is stowed, enabling you to stay connected every time.  A recently, very popular phone and this could be why!

With up to 6 hours’ of talk-time & 80 hours’ standby time your in reliable hands when it comes to a battery and you can set your phone to any of the 12 languages available; User-friendly menu and interface is what drives the popularity of this phone. The XT-LITE satellite handset is designed for ease of use. We connect the XT light to the Thuraya network through our partners at Pivotel, with an affordable plan starting at only $15/month with a minor connection fee this phone is hard to look past when it comes to value for your hard earned money, see the plans here!

In need of a tough and reliable satellite phone for your tough world? Isatphone 2 is the right choice for you. This handset was designed to cope with any environment you can think of; be it high heat or icy blasts, heavy downpours or desert sandstorms.

This handset comes with an unrivalled battery life that offers 8 hours talk time and can stay for up to 160 hours on standby mode. Isatphone 2 has an excellent voice quality and reliable satellite communication as it operates over the worldwide Inmarsat network, which we connect customers on through Pivotel, see the plans here!, with a 99.9% average availability you can trust this device. The Isatphone 2 is, therefore, a satellite phone you can depend on wherever you go.  It is an ideal choice for demanding users in sectors such as oil and gas, the media and NGOs which operate in remote areas.

In conclusion, A satellite phone is a great accessory to have and some what essential for any emergency situation you could find yourself in, making the choice of which phone to buy is now easy because whichever satellite phone you choose under which ever respective network , we here at Electric Bug are here to assist you with all this as well as all hiring, repairs and plan connecting enquiries you may have before you embark on that big trip or work mission! Thank you for reading, we look forward to seeing you soon.


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XRSTM Connect Active Mute is a brand-new feature available for the XRS™ Connect range of UHF CB Radios, allowing users to manually mute the radio when receiving a phone call to their mobile phone. The XRS™ Location Services App is able to detect incoming phone calls and automatically mute the XRS™ radio for the duration of the call, ensuring uninterrupted phone conversations.

Active Mute uses smart phone and Bluetooth technology to either mute or lower the XRS™ radio volume automatically when the user makes or receives a phone call. This allows the user to focus on their conversation rather than manually adjusting the volume on the XRS™ radio.


The Active Mute feature can be programmed via the XRS™ microphone or through the XRS™ Connect App. Numerous custom programmable features allow you to select exactly how you want the Active Mute feature to work. Combined with the XRS™ Connect Voice Playback feature, you’ll never miss a radio call, even when your XRS™ radio is muted.

This new feature is ideal for families and users who rely on both UHF CB and Mobile communication in their vehicles.

This exciting new feature will be available to download from the 27th of May, via firmware update through the XRS™ Connect and XRS™ Location Services smartphone applications on both Google Play and the App Store


Gone are the days when people used to face a lot of challenges on the road due to minimal communication and digital assistance. Today, when you set off for your camping and caravanning trip or just simply driving through a urban area, you no longer need the big paper maps, especially with such breakthroughs such as Garmins 775  or a Hema HX-1. What you need is up-to-date information about the roads terrain, campsites, facilities and everything pertaining to your outdoor adventure. With the advanced technological and digital communication facilities that are currently available, you only need a Smartphone that is compatible with many applications. Here are five must-have applications to assist you on your adventure travel around Australia.

Google Maps is the perfect replacement for paper maps when we are talking about the suburbs and of course paired up with your handheld GPS for the more remote areas !. The app helps you to navigate across any Australian Road during your outdoor recreation. The application provides street maps, satellite imagery and street view perspectives for accuracy with any 3 or 4G connection, in essence the app will see where road works, or traffic delays are and provide you with the fasted rout too! thank you, I’ll take that!,

If you are not sure of the direction to follow or the place you are, Google Maps is a must-have. The app has a voice-guided GPS navigation that comes in handy when driving or biking through an unfamiliar road. You will, however, probably need a RAM Mount for your Smartphone, RAM have options for all phones of all sizes and for all vehicles  and can be built to your liking.

Now that you know how to navigate around Adelaide or your respective suburb and entire Australia with your four-wheel drive but do you know the various amazing destinations that you can go? Worry not because WikiCamps is here for your rescue. This particular app contains up-to-date information about caravan parks, camping grounds, points of interest, backpacker hostels, and information centres-the app has almost everything that an outdoor enthusiast may want.  Another fantastic feature of WikiCamps is that it can be operated offline so you can sit back and relax with no need to be worried about WIFI connection or cell phone connectivity. While you may opt for Satellite phone or UHF CB Radio for communication in areas with no cell phone reception, WikiCamps is what you need to guide you across Australia. WikiCamps comes with filters to customise your search. Are you cruising with a 4WD? Do you intend to travel with pets? WikiCamps filters the information and gives you the place to visit based on your needs.

With the Waze Audio Player, you can enjoy music & navigation in harmony – Where you can enjoy the  music in the same time as driving with Waze and don’t lose a beat, not even once! how it works is you have to sync waze with your favorit audio service, super easy (for example, mine is Spotify! compatible with waze) to come upon a smooth experience between Waze and your audio controls. Get audio controls inside Waze and also turn-by-turn instructions in your music app. Now, this is where it gets cool….

For outdoor enthusiasts, you will agree with me that cruising with your 4WD car is fun. It can, however, be frustrating if you are caught up in traffic. That’s where Waze App comes in handy. This App gives you up-to-date information about what is happening ahead of your track. Waze App tells you about the state of traffic, crashes, construction, and more information in real-time extending the service to give you more than music. This amazing application can show you the best alternative route for you to follow in case of crashes or traffic. You can tell your estimated arrival time and also the nearest fuel stations along your pathway. With the unpredicted traffic in Australia, the Waze App is definitely an application that you ought to have.

Planning for an outdoor adventure can be stressful especially when you have no idea of the places to go. Look no further than the people who brought us the HX-1 ! Hema are the leaders when it comes to outback maps in Australia and we strongly recommend their products. The Hema Explorer app helps in planning and navigating your four-wheel drive, caravanning or camping adventures. You can use this application to plan your vacation by finding the ideal caravan parks, campsites, and rest areas that are essential during your outdoor recreation. Worried about where to refuel? Keep calm, with Hema Explorer installed in your Smartphone; you can find 24-hour fuel locations, that’s handy ! moving on further…

By accessing Hema Explorer Map, you can get information about roads and 4WD tracks that will guide you across Australia. You want to make your travel adventure simple with quick re-routing and capture and record every step of your trip-what are you waiting for? Install Hema Explorer and enjoy your dream camping and caravanning experience.

And there you have it, four apps you need on your phone, helping you with music, camping, navigation in the city and valuable easy to access information all in your pocket !


Advancement in technology has made work easier in so many ways. You could be planning for a vacation, and you are wondering how you can get there since you are not conversant with your destination. Your four-wheel drive may not be enough. You need a nice car GPS to assist you in navigating through the various trucks as without fear of getting lost. You may be wondering: “why should I use a separate GPS when I can use my Smartphone apps such as Google Maps, Waze or Apple Maps?” Well, here is the thing, these apps will end up using consuming your internet data and phone battery and will significantly bog down your phone performance especially when travelling long distance. But, with the best car GPS, you will cruise through the rough and bumpy trucks without any frustrations. What you have to do is just enter your desired location, and voila, you will know which direction to follow. While there are several models and brands in the market, here are the 4 best GPS devices ideal for your four-wheel driving expedition.

A device that provides cruising guides across Australia and New Zealand. The  Rv 775 MTS has a Smartphone Link App that enables you to access basic weather and live traffic information. It has thousands of HEMA points of interest that a traveler can choose. With a built-in Wi-Fi, you can easily access Australia and New Zealand maps while on the road.

If you have been keen enough, you will realise that all the top 4 GPS devices are Garmin brand.  It is apparent that Garmin brand is the best as far as GPS devices are concerned.

Garmin GPS devices apply state-of-the-art technology to ensure their devices are just the best. Garmin products are designed with the customer in mind; hence, they are just irresistible, and the relatively high cost of these devices is justifiable. Similar to RV 770 LMT-S in terms of features, RV 775 MTS is a bigger version of an advanced navigator which leads us to the second pick!

RV 770 LMT-S is another navigator that any camping enthusiast should have. This advanced navigator is ideal for your four-wheel driving lifestyle. It guarantees you enjoyment of the open road while travelling with essential guidance features for any outdoor enthusiast.

The device provides custom routing and road warnings which will help you in safe navigating through the Australian rough terrains. With hands free Bluetooth calling capability, RV 770 LMT-S ensures you reach your destination safely.

For those who are not familiar with Australia, this navigator has a directory of RV Parks and Services where you can filter searches and get the most preferred POIs.




Coming at number 3 is Garmin DriveAssist 51 LMT-S. This device comes with a built-in dash cam for you to record your entire journey. The dash cam has optional audio and can continuously record your entire drive. DriveAssist 51 LMT-S incorporates smart capabilities such as Bluetooth hands-free calling so you won’t have to stop your car to make a call. The device also has advanced driver alerts to keep you safe wherever you go. The device provides free updates of Australia and New Zealand.


Whether you are familiar with Australia or not, you don’t have to worry about anything. DriveAssist 51 LMT-S provides real-time updates on basic weather and live traffic updates. With this device, once can access parking information, including availability trends and pricing as you approach your camping site.

Lastly, Garmin Drive 51 LM is the number one GPS device that whoever is planning to travel around Australia should have. Having Garmin Drive 51 in your car guarantees you a smoother trip. The device comes with preloaded Australian and New Zealand maps to help you navigate through the unknown tracks during your outdoor adventure.


Afraid of what lies in front of you? Don’t worry. Garmin Drive 51 has innovative driver alerts that will make you aware of dangerous curves, speed cameras, animal crossings, speed changes and railroad crossings, among others. With such alerts, safe four-wheel driving experience is guaranteed. The device is integrated with TripAdvisor to help you find amazing travel points of interest. Garmin Drive 51 is what you need for safe and stress-free drive in Australia and New Zealand.

You are planning to go for an outdoor adventure and your friends advise you that you should get yourself a four-wheel drive. You are at first hesitant but then oblige because you know that your friends are outdoor enthusiasts.
You are now ready to go out and have fun with your compact 4-wheel drive SUV. Now here is the thing, your experience may not be that enjoyable if you are a first timer. In fact, whether you are a star or a newbie, it is very crucial to have some basics when you are behind the wheel.

First, let me point out you have made a wise choice opting to go for the 4WD for your trip. With electronic systems installed in your car such as Hill Descent Control and ABS and the general capability of modern vehicles, even those with little or no experience off the beaten track can take on the superficially challenging terrain without having to sweat.

Now, before getting yourself on the road, it is imperative to ensure that you and your ute are well prepared. With this fact, here are five tips for 4WD beginners:

  1. Understand your route

Your vehicle might have the capability of cruising almost all terrains, but when you are getting yourself to the unknown, it is advisable to do some research first and understand the destination that you intend to go. It does not matter whether you have driven the road recently, there is a possibility that it is different from the last time you were there.

gray SUV during daytime


Most 4 by 4 tracks are not regularly maintained, and this can render them impassable and kill your fun. You should confirm whether there is mobile network coverage and if not, you should equip yourself with communication gadgets like the satellite phone and a UHF radio.

These are the most recommended phones! From left to right you have the Iridium 9575, the Inmarsat pro and the Iridium 9555.

  1. Understand your car well

Not all 4WD cars are suitable for all terrains. If you know that you will be cruising on dunes and rocky terrain, you better have the right vehicle and accessories for your adventure travel. Conduct thorough research on the terrain and ensure you have the right vehicle.

red SUV on water near mountain during daytime

Are you planning to have an RV camping in South Australia? Have this in mind: while some beaches can be accessed with any vehicle, some are suitable only for 4WD and skilled drivers. You may need a RAM mount being the most recommended mounting solution, in your vehicle in order to secure phone well during your off-roading adventure.

Related image

  1. Be prepared for any hitch

In some instances during your off-roading adventure, you might meet another outdoor enthusiast like you who needs help to get out of mud or any kind of trouble; and in some cases, you might be the one needing assistance. Helping one another is an essential part of the 4WD life community. If you want to make your 4WDing experience more thrilling and keeping any hitches at bay, here are some essentials that you should have:

  • Get yourself a 4WD winch in case you get stuck in the mud
  • Carry a shovel in your boot because you may need it to dig out around your wheels when stuck
  • Communication gadgets such as satellite phone and UHF CB Radio.Image result for uhf cb radio uniden

You will need a UHF CB Radio to communicate to your fellow off-roaders or just in case of any emergency in a place with no cell phone network coverage.

  1. Do not overload your car

Over Excitement can make a newbie 4WDer assume their car has the capability to cruise through the rough and muddy terrain can carry the entire family and whatever they can think of. Well, you are wrong. Low weight is ideal for a successful and trouble-free outdoor adventure. The slight addition of weight could imply the difference between a thrilling camping experience and a long troublesome night.

Image result for over excitementImage result for over excitement

  1. Know the local rules and regulations

Yes, you have identified your  4WDing destination , but do you know the rules? What is the speed limit? What do you do if you spot a beacon? Or, let’s say you have decided to explore the beaches in South Australia. I know that 4WDing on the beach is fun, plus, you can enjoy fishing in various spots. Do not assume that the rules are the same everywhere. For instance, in NSW, the speed limit is 20km/h within 100 m of pedestrians; or 40km/h in any other time.  Be on the lookout for any signage such as a beacon as you cruise through beaches since there may be other rules that you are not familiar with.

Stay safe while enjoying your caravanning by adhering to these simple but crucial tips for 4WD beginners. I don’t want you to regret buying your 4WD SUV, but I want you to actually become an ambassador for the same. Follow this guide and get yourself out of troubles.

Thank you for reading and for any advise or products mentioned in this blog. Get in touch with us at Electric Bug so we can steer you in the right direction.

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