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When you need a dashcam at the best price in Adelaide, shop only at Electric Bug. With this device, you can provide evidence during disputes and for your insurance. We offer Australia’s most reliable dashcam brands.

As a trusted Garmin and Blackvue dashcam supplier and installer in Adelaide, we offer products that are designed for the country’s driving conditions. You can use a dashcam for any vehicle, and our expert staff can recommend the best device for you.

The dashcams we offer have a wide range of features. We offer devices with a built-in GPS processor, which means you can record the vehicle’s exact position and speed. This can be used as evidence when defending against unwarranted speeding tickets and false insurance claims. The latest models also offer app connectivity, so you can keep an eye on your car wherever you are!

We stock only reputable brands such as Garmin and Blackvue, so you know you can rely on your purchase.

Why Do You Need a Dashcam in Adelaide?

A dashcam is very useful for Adelaide drivers. The upfront costs, which include purchasing the device and the installation, may look expensive. However, it has been proven that these dashcams can save drivers money in the long run. The records on your dashcam will serve as protection against different kinds of vehicular accidents and more.

With a dashcam, you can also record parking accidents. We are able to install dash cams that record even when your car is turned off. Therefore, you are able to record incidents that may occur when you are away from your vehicle, such as someone reversing into you!

Dashcam Adelaide

While you’re getting your new dashcam installed, why not add a reversing camera, UHF radio, or some driving lights or lightbar installation?

Electric Bug has a huge range of reversing cameras, light bars, safety lights and driving lights on offer. If we dont have what you need, we can order it for you and install it all in one place!

Dashcam Adelaide

Blackvue and Garmin Dashcam installation in Adelaide

Electric Bug has years of experience in the industry, including dashcam supply and installation in Adelaide. Our staff members are highly trained to deliver the best advice. Our commitment is to provide you with the best customer service.

We can repair your dashcam in Adelaide as well. We make it a point to cover all the bases and do our best to repair the item. If the old one needs to be replaced, we will offer you the best options at competitive prices.

You should allow at least 2 hours for any type of installation. Please call us with details of your car and what service you are interested in, and we can provide you with a quote. While you are getting your dashcam installed, why not look into a reversing camera installation as well? Reversing cameras add another level of safety and ease to your driving experience.

Here’s a review from one of our customers:

“Good place to do business with. No nonsense, accurate straight to the point information. Got what I wanted and at a satisfactory price. Totally satisfied”. – Chris Taylor

Need the best Garmin and Blackvue dashcam installers in Adelaide? We can help. Check out our range online!

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