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When you need a dashcam that’ll do the job, at the best price in Adelaide, shop at Electric Bug. A dashcam is an invaluable device, allowing you to provide evidence during disputes and for your insurance. We offer Australia’s most reliable dashcam brands.

Which dash cam should I choose?

As a trusted Garmin and Blackvue dashcam supplier and installer in Adelaide, we can help you decide on the best dash cam for your car. What you need will depend on if you are using your car for work or business as well as how much you’re willing to spend. We have a huge range available, from small, discreet cameras, a three camera setup for passenger vehicles, to a dashcam setup for your vehicle fleet.

The dashcams we offer have a wide range of features. We offer devices with a built-in GPS processor, which means you can record the vehicle’s exact position and speed. This can be used as evidence when defending against unwarranted speeding tickets and false insurance claims. You also have app connectivity, so you can keep an eye on your car from anywhere!

Why Do You Need a Dashcam in Adelaide?

A dashcam is very useful for Adelaide drivers. Just take a look at all the dashcam videos online! The upfront costs, which include purchasing the device and the installation, may look expensive. However, it has been proven that these dashcams can save drivers money in the long run. The records on your dashcam will serve as protection against different kinds of vehicular accidents and more.

With a dashcam, you can also record parking accidents. We are able to install dash cams that record even when your car is turned off. Therefore, you are able to record incidents that may occur when you are away from your vehicle, such as someone reversing into you! We are experts in hardwiring these cameras to run off your car battery, without leaving it dead when you come back to your car.

Dashcam Adelaide

While you’re getting your new dashcam installed, why not add a reversing camera, UHF radio, or some driving lights or lightbar installation?

Electric Bug has a huge range of reversing cameras, light bars, safety lights and driving lights on offer. If we dont have what you need, we can order it for you and install it all in one place!

Dashcam Adelaide

Blackvue and Garmin Dashcam Installation Cost

While many dash cams can be plugged into the lighter socket and stuck to your windscreen, getting your dash cam installed is ideal for the long term. We will ensure a clean, unobtrusive install, with little to no visible wires. A great advantage of getting your dashcam installed rather than doing it yourself is we can hardwire the camera to your vehicle to free up the cigarette socket, as well as allow the camera to record while parked. Electric Bug has years of experience in the auto electrical installation industry. Our commitment is to provide you with the best customer service.

We can assist with dashcam warranty repairs in Adelaide as well. If the old one needs to be replaced, we will offer you the best options at competitive prices.

You should allow at least 2 hours for any type of installation. Please call us with details of your car and what service you are interested in, and we can provide you with a quote. While you are getting your dashcam installed, why not look into a reversing camera installation as well? Reversing cameras add another level of safety and ease to your driving experience.

Here’s a review from one of our customers:

“Good place to do business with. No nonsense, accurate straight to the point information. Got what I wanted and at a satisfactory price. Totally satisfied”. – Chris Taylor

Need the best Garmin and Blackvue dashcam installers in Adelaide? We can help. Check out our range online!

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Steven MacDonald
24 November 2023
Took my car in to electric bug today to get a antenna refitted, dealt with Brad who was fantastic to deal with, helpful, knowledgeable and got the jobs done within 2 hours - even fixed my sat phone holder without even being asked too. Highly recommend electric bug and go see Brad in store - cheers
John T
26 September 2023
Fitted a CD player to a FH16 Volvo above expectation thank you for your excellent service
Mike Hess
25 July 2023
Electric Bug came to the rescue in trying to recover a file on my Garmin 660. They had the skill and tried to fix the missing system file but Garmin itself had deleted the file. A big thanks to all the people at Electric Bug. They are the place I go to for my GPSes and RAM mounts
Mary Grocke
5 June 2023
Excellent service and communication
John Welsh
11 May 2023
Went in there today for a few bits and pieces. The guy that served me (Brad), was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Good service!!
Mandy Nichols
27 April 2023
Ordered a Sat Phone for peace of mind on an outback holiday, Electric Bug gave great advice and service, especially Ruby who was efficient and a fantastic help! Thank you.
Jodie Kear
28 February 2023
Always helpful, and give great advice
Darren Solly
12 December 2022
Anthony the magician 👍👍
Paul Easter
8 November 2022
Excellent service and really professional. Customer service was outstanding and special thanks to Daniel for organising the work. We live in the country and he was able to fit us in very conveniently.