The GME XRS handheld is here!

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GME have just released the long-awaited XRS handheld; the XRS-660! Read on to learn about the new features, price, and how it compares to other options on the market.

First and foremost, the XRS-660 offers flexibility with its 5/1/0.1 Watt switchable transmission power, allowing users to adjust power levels based on their communication needs. This feature means you have high output power when you need it, but can conserve battery life by operating at a lower level when your companions aren’t as far away. Furthermore, the XRS-660 incorporates multiple power-saving modes, which allows the radio to ‘sleep’ during periods of inactivity. All of this adds up to hours of extra battery life!

Moreover, its rugged design, is backed by an IP67 Ingress Protection rating and MIL-STD810G certification. Thus ensures durability in the face of harsh conditions, making it a dependable companion even when you don’t treat it too carefully!

Equipped with a class-leading 2 Watt speaker, the XRS-660 UHF handheld delivers crisp and clear audio, ensuring you’re connected even in noisy surroundings. The transflective color LCD display enhances visibility in various lighting conditions, offering clarity and ease of use during operations. Meanwhile, the Scansuite™ digital scanning technology scans channels up to 2x faster, ensuring you don’t miss a transmission.

In terms of connectivity, the XRS-660 sets a new standard with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology, enabling seamless audio and data transmission. Through the XRS™ Connect smartphone application, you can update, control and customize you new XRS.

The built-in GPS receiver adds another layer of functionality, making the device location-aware and facilitating navigation in remote areas. This sets the XRS-660 on par with the XTRAK 50 Pro, released by Uniden last year. The two radios are very similar, with both having waterproofing, a long battery life and a 2 watt speaker.

The main differences to consider are the programmable buttons, and the switchable transmission power on the XRS, while the XTRAK offers transmission replay, and an OLED display. Uniden also offer the Xtrak 50, which is a model without GPS for those not needing this feature this can be a great way to keep costs down. It is also important to consider the XRS660 does not come with any accessories except the 240V charger, whereas the Uniden models include a full suite of accessories.

In terms of cost, the XRS 660 is shaping up to be one of the more expensive options on the market. At $549 RRP, it sits above similar models including the Uniden Xtrak 50 Pro at $449.95, the Xtrak 50 at $329.95, and the Icom IC-41PRO at $335.

The radio is looking like a great addition to the XRS range, and we can’t wait for it to arrive in store next week! If you’d like more information or to preorder the GME XRS-660 UHF handheld, give us a call!