Handheld GPS

Prevent Accidents Using a Handheld GPS

While phones have built-in apps for navigating, considering them as an accurate handheld GPS is a mistake. Most especially when a lot of people get lost on an adventure. If you’re one of them, this GPS device can dramatically help in increasing your survival chances in the event of an accident.

A lot of unpredictable instances can happen during a supposed fun adventure. From inclement weather to encountering wild animals, it’s not farfetched for these things to happen. That’s why we highly encourage people to get portable GPS devices. Phones are simply not enough to map out your destination and lead you to a safer track. Fortunately, here at Electric Bug, we supply a wide range of options that you can choose from. From modern looking ones to heavy-duty use, we have all possible versions for you.

Handheld GPS

Advantages of a Handheld GPS

If you still think a handheld GPS is not necessary, imagine yourself traversing an unfamiliar mountain in the dark. Equipping yourself with this device can reduce the chances of getting lost and other hazardous scenarios. To give you more insight into how this device can be helpful, here are some benefits to owning one:

  1. Accurate mapping out of track course
    As mentioned, the top advantage of having a portable GPS is safety. A high-quality GPS device can help in giving you an overview of the waypoints and terrain. This gives you the opportunity to safely plan out your route.
  2. Weather Alert
    A lot of GPS models have a weather alert feature that can help you in seeking refuge in case there’s danger brought on by the weather.
  3. You can inform authorities of your location
    Anything can happen during a camping trip away, for instance. Fortunately, having your own GPS can save you when you’re in danger.
  4. User-Friendly
    Using a GPS only requires minimum effort.
Handheld GPS

Buy Your Handheld GPS with Electric Bug

A handheld GPS is not just for hikers and adventurous people. It is also ideal for accurate surveying by professionals. That’s why Electric Bug offers a range of products that can fit any of our customers’ needs.

“After-sales service is the key. Not only do they know their products but they put customer service on another level. I purchased a GPS navigator a few weeks before the Adelaide caravans camping show from them and the item was considerably cheaper for the show. I enquired and mentioned I should’ve waited to buy it. The manager at the show took my name and number and refunded the difference. I don’t think too many businesses would’ve done that. Special thanks to Anthony. Why would anyone go anywhere else”.

Fabio Palcini

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