iDataLink Maestro makes Aftermarket Head Units feel like Factory Standard!

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iDataLink Maestro: Seamlessly retain and enhance your vehicle’s factory functionalities.

Aftermarket head units can be a bit of a headache! Retaining the use of factory features such as steering wheel controls, parking assist, climate control and voice commands can be difficult or impossible in certain vehicles. iDataLink Maestro can help!

Electric Bug are excited to announce we are now trained and authorised installers of iDatalink Maestro! Designed to bridge the gap between your car’s factory systems and the latest aftermarket upgrades, iDataLink Maestro opens up a world of possibilities for car enthusiasts and tech-savvy drivers alike. This system allows us to retain these factory features when updating your in-dash multimedia system. Additionally, it can even add features like engine performance data and programmable outputs when it’s paired with a compatible Kenwood, JVC, Sony, Alpine or Pioneer head unit!

We will pair a Maestro radio replacement module with an installation kit specific to your vehicle. Check out the iDatalink Maestro website to see what features can be added or retained in your car.

Read on for info on some of the iDatalink Maestro products we now stock, ready for installation into your vehicle!

1. Radio Replacement & Steering Wheel Control Retention Maestro RR, RR2 + ALP-MRR: These are revolutionary radio replacement interfaces that retain your vehicle’s factory features while adding enhanced functionality. Compatible with a wide range of car makes and models, these versatile modules ensures a hassle-free integration process.

2. Steering Wheel Control Retention – Maestro SW + SWHD1: Universal steering wheel control interfaces compatible with over 3000 vehicles 1991 and up. Maestro SW connects to most aftermarket radios to retain your vehicle’s original steering wheel functions. Additionally, assign a secondary (press & hold) function to the buttons of your choice. Compatible with most aftermarket radios equipped with an analog steering wheel input.

3. Dash Installation Kits and T-Harnesses: iDatalink manufacture a range of dash installation kits to make your radio install look and feel as if it just came out of the factory. To retain as many features as possible, we’ll also install an adapter or T-harness specific to your vehicle make and model.

iDataLink Maestro kits are now available in Australia, however due to the knowledge needed to install correctly, parts are only available to trained and authorised dealers. Therefore, we highly recommend you do your research! Electric Bug salespeople and installers are trained in iDataLink Maestro, and authorised to install. This means we are highly knowledgable, and can help you find out what features might be available to your specific vehicle. So get in touch!

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