New Blackvue Dashcam Range!

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Introducing the New Blackvue DR-770X and DR-970X Dashcams: Your Road Safety Upgrade

Upgrade your road safety game with the latest Blackvue DR770X and DR970X dashcams! These cutting-edge devices come packed with new features that’ll make your driving experience safer and more convenient. Both come in front-only and front and rear dash cam models, so you can protect your car the way you want to.

  1. Easy Manual Recording: Say goodbye to the hassle of proximity sensors! The improved manual recording feature lets you capture important moments at the touch of a button with greater accuracy.
  2. Crisp Image Quality: Enjoy clear and detailed recordings, thanks to the enhanced image processor in both front and rear cameras. You won’t miss any vital information on the road.
  3. Extreme Recording Mode: When things get intense, the “Extreme” recording mode steps up with higher frames per second (FPS) to ensure you capture every crucial moment flawlessly.
  4. More Storage, Same Price: Get more space for your recordings with a minimum 64GB SD card, all while keeping the price point similar to the previous model.
  5. Full HD Wide View: Relive your journeys in full HD with a wide-angle view from both the front and rear cameras.
dr770x dashcam

6. Always On: With the included hardwiring cable, your Blackvue dashcam can record even when your car is off, providing peace of mind without worrying about draining the car battery. The Blackvue DR770X and DR970X have inbuilt low voltage shutoff, so no nasty surprises if you leave your car for a few days! For a quick and easy installation, you can also plug it in via the cigarette socket.

7. Instant Alerts: Stay informed with push notifications for detected incidents, so you can act quickly if needed.

8. Easy Event Management: Your Blackvue automatically tags and safeguards event footage, preventing it from being overwritten. Your dashcam will also log speed and GPS data for all events.

9. Remote Live View: Keep an eye on your car with the ability to view live events remotely via the Blackvue cloud and Blackvue app, which keeps security in the palm of your hand.

DR770X vs DR970X

Wondering how the DR770X stacks up against the DR970X? There are a few key differences between the two dash cameras. The DR970X dashcam offers full 4K video, while the 770X dashcam has full HD. Another difference is the wide-angle lens. While the lens on the DR770X is already large at 139-degree viewing angle, the DR970X takes that a step further with a huge 155 degree angle. You’ll also be able to see your videos much faster, with 5GHz Wi-Fi downloads.

The Blackvue DR-770X and DR-970X dashcams offer more than just recording; they provide advanced features to make your drives safer and more enjoyable. Upgrade your road safety today with these top-notch dashcams!

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Check out the new Blackvue dashcam range below!