Ram Mount Stocklists Near Me

Huge Range of RAM Mounts in Adelaide

Aside from being the most reliable supplier of RAM Mounts, customers prefer us for our exceptional customer service. As a leading company established in 1976, we have been supplying South Australians with high-quality equipment and devices. Whether it’s for your truck, 4WD, off-road adventure or motorbike, you can turn to us for all your needs. With 45 years of experience, we have seen many customers fed up with buying cheaply made and temporary products.

We offer RAM Mounts for a huge variety of situations. These can mount items from your phone, laptop, tablet or other electronic device to cup holders! Some popular mounts we stock can attach to your car dashboard or windscreen, fit into your cup holder, attach to handlebars or railings, to your kayak, boat, wheelchair and more. View our full range in our online store.



Ram Mount Stocklists Near Me

How to choose the correct RAM Mount for you

There is a wide range of RAM Mounts on the market, all designed for different uses. While this range is useful, it can make it difficult to decide! Here at Electric Bug, we wanted to make the hunt easier for you. That’s why we have listed factors you may use as a guideline when buying RAM Mounts.

  1. Device
    The first step to getting the right ram mount is knowing the size of your device. We stock RAM Mounts for a variety of devices such as tablets, phones, GPS, cup holders, laptops and more. It is important you know the model of your device so that we can provide the correct mount to you.
  2. Place of Installation
    Where are you going to install the mount? Is it for a vehicle that is sturdier, or riskier ones such as a motorcycle? Whichever it is, you have to make sure the mount fits to where you’ll place it.
  3. Activity
    In relevance to the location of the mount, your activity also matters in installing ram mounts. For vehicles that are used for off-road adventures, a stronger grip is required to hold your device in place.
  4. Arm Length
    Ram mounts have different arm lengths to suit different applications. With this, you have to determine the comfortable distance of the mount from you.



Ram Mount Stocklists Near Me

Electric Bug – The Ram Mount Stockists in Adelaide

We offer a comprehensive selection of RAM Mounts compatible with iPhone, Garmin, Android, and devices with bigger screens. We also supply mounts with varying arm lengths ranging from short, medium and long. For individual advice and assistance, please come in to our Torrens Rd store and see our huge range of RAM Mounts.

We understand that deciding which product to choose may still be challenging. That’s why our team makes sure that our lines are always open for answering questions and giving recommendations.




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