Reversing Camera Installation Adelaide

Electric Bug—The Experts at Reversing Camera Installation in Adelaide

When you need experts who provide reversing camera installation services in Adelaide, let Electric Bug help. With so many large vehicles today, it can be difficult to see behind your vehicle. Promote safety for pedestrians, and protect your car from dents by installing a reversing cam.

Our team has over 130 years of combined experience in the industry. Our staff is expertly trained to provide the best reversing camera installation services in Adelaide. We’re experts in 4WD, truck and caravan reversing systems.

If you already have a device bought from another store and you need help setting it up, let us help you. Our team can install your device on any vehicle. We also bring creative solutions, enabling you to make the most out of your reversing camera. If you’re wanting a reversing camera integrated with your head unit, we’ve got the tech to make it work.

Can I DIY my Reversing Camera Installation?

Having an expert perform a reversing camera install is ideal. While it is possible to DIY the task, it can sometimes be tough to work out what parts you need and where to run the wires. Our technicians have installed reversing cameras in every popular type or car, 4WD and caravan, so we know exactly what works. If you want to DIY, no worries! We can order in and supply every part you need.

Our team consists of professional and qualified technicians who are experts in reversing camera installation in Adelaide. We make sure that the system is properly installed to avoid engine interference. Prior to the installation, we will discuss where the camera will be fitted, so you know exactly what you’re getting. Our technicians will let you know if there are any required structural modifications to your vehicle.

Reversing Camera Installation Adelaide
Reversing Camera Installation Adelaide

For All Your Reversing Cam Installation Needs in Adelaide, Choose Electric Bug

Our reversing cam installation experts are located on Torrens Road, 10 min southwest of Adelaide CBD. Installation of a reversing cam can take anywhere from 3 hours for a simple car install, up to 6-7 hours for a car and caravan setup. We install from Monday-Friday, and can make arrangements to store your vehicle overnight to make pickup easier. Call us for a quick, no-obligation quote.

We’re not just an auto electrician. We can also repair your device and reinstall it to your vehicle. Let us know the issue with your camera and we’ll figure out if it can be repaired or replaced. If you have questions about our products and the installation we provided, our sales team can help you.

Electric Bug is a professional and reputable company that offers reversing camera installation in Adelaide. Call us today if you need help with products or installations.