Keep Lines of Communication Open with Our Satellite Phone Hire Service

Electric Bug is a family-owned and operated store in Adelaide that provides satellite phone hire at the most competitive prices in the market. We understand how vital these phones are when travelling out of Adelaide to remote areas. Therefore, we have a fleet of phones available for hire.

Since our launch in 1976, our company has been at the forefront of ensuring that we provide quality communication, GPS and navigation products and services to our clients. Our satellite phone hire fleet is comprised of Iridium 9555 and 9505A phones, already connected to the Pivotel network.

Apart from our high powered Iridium satellite phones, we also hire a variety of devices, including UHF CB, UHF Handheld and emergency Beacons. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our products and the costs of satellite phone rental, or if you’d like to book or get a quote from us.

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Why Get a Satellite Phone for Hire

Primarily, people hire satellite phones because they want to keep lines of communication open when travelling to remote or rural areas. Compared to mobile phones, which connect to a particular cellular phone tower, these devices connect directly to a satellite. Hence, if you are a business that operates globally, it’s easy for you to operate regardless of your location.

Other reasons why you’ll need a satellite phone:

  • Travelling enthusiasts can remain in communication with their families once they get to a location where mobile networks are not accessible. You will ensure that they have peace of mind even when you are far away from them.
  • They are a safety tool, especially during an emergency call. For instance, in case of an earthquake and your cell phone service is not functional, you can use the device to communicate.

Buying Vs Hiring a Satellite Phone

When looking for a satellite phone, you can look forward to either hiring or buying one with Electric Bug. We make it easy to hire, as we provide all the essentials and are even open Saturdays for your convenience.

Whats the cost of Satellite Phone Rental?

These devices can be costly. If you are an avid traveller or business purchasing a sat phone may be for you! Browse our range online or come in store to talk to an expert.

If you only need to travel for a few days, hiring this device is a good option as the cost of the phone plan can add up if you are only using the device infrequently.

Our Iridium hire phones come already connected to the Pivotel network, meaning you’ll be ready to go immediately! We also provide all the essentials such as a carry bag, charger, and protective case.

If you’d like a quote, just give us a call! We have hire sat phones from just $5 per day.

Call Electric Bug today to book or get a quote for our satellite phone hire.