At Electric Bug,We offer a wide range of services including after sales service.
All of our staff are experienced and well-trained, so we actually know the product, and that is how we help you.


We offer Repair / Warranty repair services for: CB radio UHF radio HF radio Satellite phone Reversing cameras GPS Global Positioning System In car Navigation system Bring your equipment into the shop, our technician will get it fixed for you or, if it is under warranty, we can send it away and get a replacement [...]


Nevertheless, We can fit in all the equipments you bought, leaving you with no worries, and more to offer:  CB radio HF radio Satellite Phone  In Car Entertainment In Car Navigation system Reversing Cameras Car Alarms Headlight Restoration Car security Antenna Installations Please allow at least 2 hours for any type of installation, please give [...]


At Electric Bug we understand that sometimes you need an item for once off use and the cash outlay might not be economical, so we have developed our very high in demand  hire structure service for Sat Phones, UHF Handhelds and more! If you are planning to go away for just a bit and wish [...]