Repairs & Warranty Repair

We offer Repair / Warranty repair services for:

Bring your equipment into the shop, our technician will get it fixed for you or, if it is under warranty, we can send it away and get a replacement for you. We can perform GPS software upgrades in store, as well as troubleshooting. Many issues can be fixed with a software upgrade or just a new battery! Electric Bug will make sure it is all working before we return your item to you.

If the product is not something we offer in-house repairs for, we can organise repair, refurbishment or replacement from the manufacturer or their authorised repairer. Even if your product was not purchased from us, we can assist with Garmin replacements, GME repairs, Icom, Uniden, Iridium and more. If you need a UHF radio repair, GPS repair or satellite phone repair in Adelaide or surrounds, give us a call. For rural or remote customers, we can organise repairs for you as well.

We can also offer UHF Radio, EPIRB or Satellite Phone hire for the period your device is away at the repairer!

Our technician has decades of experience and has seen it all! If you need more information or are unsure if your equipment is something we fix, please give us a call or come in store!


Please note that we no longer repair 40 channel radios.