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Dina Dearden
Dina Dearden
23:52 18 Apr 20
Electric Bug has always been helpful when I've visited to fix my mother's radio, as she listens to local community... radio. No issue is too small. Very friendly and more
Nigel Perrin
Nigel Perrin
04:17 18 Mar 20
I was unable to download update maps on my old 2460lt gps (9 yrs old) even though i had lifetime maps. Eventually i... took it to Electric Bug and their Bryce Cheffirs fixed my problem after taking the problem up with garmin on my behalf. As normal fantastic,friendly service as always.Highly more
Colin Taylor
Colin Taylor
02:51 13 Feb 20
Recently had a problem with my UHF Antenna mount and couldn't find a solution searching online. Decided to go to these... guys who did the install several years ago and they fixed the problem in less than two minutes and got me sorted with a new, and more powerful, small whip antenna. Excellent service and very helpful and understanding. Thanks guys !!read more
Alan Nobrega
Alan Nobrega
19:34 22 Oct 19
Great service with helpful and knowledgeable staff. This is my go-to shop for all my communication and navigation needs... these days. Never been more
Brian Rutgers
Brian Rutgers
08:20 10 Feb 17
Great team. Great range of automotive communication equipment. And onstie fitting available.
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To help us provide a consistant service to the wider community since 1976, we have developed a Vision and Mission Statement of which guides us through everything we do. These statements have helped us ensure that our customers communication needs are taken care of by our team of experts.

The Electric Bug Mission Statement

“Electric Bug are your communications and navigation experts. After leading SA for over 40 years, the team at Electric Bug have become specialists in communication and navigation for trucks & 4WD, with industry leading knowledge as our winning edge. Electric Bug are THE one stop solution to all thing’s communication and navigation, keeping industry and outdoor enthusiasts connected and safe, no matter where they are. From advice to installation, Electric Bug provide their customers with the feeling of reassurance that their communication and navigation needs are taken care of by one team of experts.”

The Electric Bug Vision

“To become THE communications and navigation one-stop shop for adventure enthusiasts and the commercial industry, within South Australia and nation wide”

Due to the expansion of the new North-South Motorway, your trip to Electric Bug will be a little different. See our instructions below on how to get to our store from the north, south and west.

Travelling from the North via the North-South Motorway

  1. Whilst on South Road, keep left and use the Torrens Road / Hawker Street exit.
  2. Continue down the exit and either turn left onto Torrens Road (a), or continue over Torrens Road (b)
  3. a) If you turned left onto Torrens Road, continue towards the City until it is safe to do a U-turn. Our store will then be on the left.
    b) If you continued over Torrens Road, continue to head south, then turn left onto Hawker Street. Then take the first left onto Wright Street, and another left onto Torrens Road. Our store will then be on the Left.

Travelling from the South via the South Road / North-South Motorway

  1. As you are heading North along South Road / North-South Motorway, keep left and use the A7 (Grange / Port Road / Pt Adelaide) Exit, just after you pass Brickworks Marketplace.
  2. Continue along the Exit and pass over Port Road.
  3. Then, keep left and take the Torrens Road / Hawker Street Exit. Use the right lane as you continue along the Exit.
  4. Either (a) take a right onto Hawker Street, or (b) continue along the exit.
  5. a) As you tavel down Hawker Street, take the first left onto Wright Street and follow it down until you reach Torrens Road. Take a left onto Torrens Road and our store will be on your left.
    b) Continue up the exit and take a right onto Torrens Road. When traveling East along Torrens Road, do a U-turn when it is safe to do so and our Store will be on your left.

Travelling from the West via Torrens Road

  1. As you are approaching the Torrens Rd / North-South Motorway intersection, keep in the righ lane.
  2. When you approach the intersection either a) turn right and head South down there Noth-South Motorway, or b) continue through the intersection in the Right lane.
  3. a) Continue south on the North-South Motorway and take the first left onto Hawkers Street. Then, take the first left onto Wright Street and take the street all the way to the end. Finally, turn left onto Torrens Road and our store will be on the Left.
    b) Continue to head East on Torrens Road and undertake a U-turn when it is safe to do so, our store will then be on the Left.

Located on Torrens Road, not far from Adelaide’s main trucking thoroughfare, sits a poster clad, blue roofed building, with a carpark that can not only accommodate a multitude of customers, but 10 prime movers simultaneously. This building has been the home of family owned Electric Bug for over 40 years; a family run electronic goods store whom have keep their industrial clients, caravan and camping enthusiast, nomads, and SA’s emergency services connected in the backroads, trails and outer paddocks of this expansive country.

Established as “Shutter Bug” in early 1970s, Electric Bug began its life selling cameras, and has since evolved and expanded with the needs of its consumer base. After interest in radio communications grew amongst the store’s experts, Electric Bug went from specialising in cameras, to becoming one of the first to sell and service Citizen Band Radios in South Australia. Designed to meet the needs of CB hobbyists, Electric Bug branched into the outdoor campers and four-wheel drive fanatics, and has now added RAM Mounts and Satellite Phones to its core product range. Supplying to over 700 businesses including CavPower, Viterra, Stillwell Group,  SA Ambulance and a variety of Government Departments, Electric Bug has established itself as one of the most respected leaders in radio communication and GPS equipment in South Australia.

If you’re planning to shun the daily grind and escape the confinement of your home, have you asked yourself…Are you ready for adventure?

Explore our range of GPS’, mobile phone range extender kits, satellite phones, UHF’s and RAM Mounts Today!

SA Leaders in Communications, GPS & Navigation since 1976, Electric Bug are here to take your needs from idea to install. With our 12 well-trained staff with a combined 130+ years of experience in the radio communication industry, knowledge is our winning edge. Our sales team are experts in the field through their knowledge, excellent customer service, and creative solutions. We understand that sometimes you don’t want to part with your “ol’ faithful”, our repairing technician, whom has been with Electric Bug for over 35 years, can repair almost any problem with a variety of UHF’s, Handhelds and more!

A true South Australian family business with family values, Electric Bug’s mission has never changed; to provide excellent customer service, superior product knowledge, and flexible and creative solutions, all for great value.

Come instore to say hello, browse our online store or contact us for everything communication and navigation. Because after all…

“The cheapest thing, is the right thing the first time”