Trusted Supplier of DMX9720

Since 1976, we have been a trusted supplier of many vehicle accessories such as DMX9720. We take pride in the excellent customer service and high-quality products we provide. That’s why Electric Bug remains to be one of the leading companies for communication, GPS and FWD accessories in South Australia. Despite the emergence of countless competitors, customers return to us for our impressive product knowledge and customer service.

Our team is always at hand to offer assistance should you need it. During your canvas or purchase, we will make sure to provide you with expert tips and recommendations. Equipped with extensive knowledge, our staff members will carefully listen to your needs and wants. This way, we can suggest the right products and ultimately, satisfy your requirements. Our products are consciously priced so customers will not have to settle for inferior devices. Moreover, we offer warranty services, so all our clients have peace of mind with their transactions.


Why Choose DMX9720?

DMX9720 is a product that demands attention while providing you superior benefits with its powerful features. This device has everything you need for a multimedia car accessory. Since a lot of consumers are getting hooked on bigger products, this device is definitely a popular option. It has models with screens big as an iPad and an impressive, long list of features that you will hate to miss.

In a nutshell, this includes a floating mechanism, 4x camera, high-resolution audio, Apple CarPlay, both wired and wireless Android auto. Additionally, it has AM/FM radio, wired and wireless USB, HDMI, iDatalink Maestro and the list goes on. This device simply elevated the customer experience to a whole new level. That’s why the Electric Bug team is proud to supply this product to our customers.


Is DMX9720 Worth It?

DMX9720 is a product that demands attention while providing you superior benefits with its powerful features. This device has everything you need for a multimedia car accessory. Since a lot of consumers are getting hooked on bigger products, this device is definitely a popular option. It has models with screens big as an iPad and an impressive, long list of features that you will hate to miss.

In a nutshell, this includes a floating mechanism, 4x camera, high-resolution audio, Apple CarPlay, both wired and wireless Android auto. Additionally, it has AM/FM radio, wired and wireless USB, HDMI, iDatalink Maestro and the list goes on. This device simply elevated the customer experience to a whole new level. That’s why the Electric Bug team is proud to supply this product to our customers.

For more questions about DMX9720, call our experienced team of specialists today.


Exclusive Supplier of the XRS370

Recognising the increasing demands for premium quality communication tools, we are continuously widening our product selection by offering reliable devices like the XRS370. Here at Electric Bug, we take pride in delivering solutions to our clients through our excellent customer service and high-quality products. Having 45 years of experience, we have gained an understanding of how trends can quickly change. Not to mention how countless new competitors appear.

Despite that, we are confident with our high standards that have given us a point of difference in the industry. However, achieving this is not an easy feat to pull off. We have diligently worked to maintain this status by consistently delivering unrivalled services, premium products and genuine care for our customers. Moreover, our comprehensive selection of products gives our customers the flexibility they need when it comes to choosing and purchasing products.


Impressive Features of the XRS370

Hailed as the most advanced UHF Citizen Band Radio in Australia, the XRS370 is a must-have. It has a combination of the latest electronic hardware and the most cutting-edge design for radio. However, this device is not just appealing. It also has an amazing list of features and specifications:

  • Powerful Receiver
    XRS370 can squelch the tail to avoid audible noise. It also has eight zones out of 50 channels, with a total of 400 additional receiving channels per zone.
  • Memory and Scanning
    It has a priority key that allows users to recall with one press. Aside from that, it is powered by microprocessors and has a programmable scanning function.
  • Accurate Signal Process
    It can filter, measure and compress analogue radio signals. Then, it can convert the audio data into digital format. In addition to that, it can determine signal interferences from other channels.


Let Us Help You Choose the Right XRS370 Model

XRS370 is one of the most trusted radio models in Australia. However, there are many varieties you can choose from. For this reason, a lot of customers get confused and doubt if they’re making the right choice. That’s why our team will help you in finding the right model. With our extensive amount of knowledge, you can carefully weigh out your options and get the most suitable product for you with our advice.

“They were of great help in providing information which helped me decide which GPS unit I was should purchase for my 2021around Australia trip. Even though I purchased the unit elsewhere on an unbelievable sale, when I returned to the shop looking for a mount they again provided great help and even gave me some notes they had prepared themselves to help their clients master the Garmin machine. This is what I call UNBELIEVABLE SERVICE, and I would highly recommend Electric Bug”.

Ronald S.

If you need an expert opinion before purchasing your XRS370, talk to our team today.

Ram Mount Stocklists Near Me

Huge Range of RAM Mounts in Adelaide

Aside from being the most reliable supplier of RAM Mounts, customers prefer us for our exceptional customer service. As a leading company established in 1976, we have been supplying South Australians with high-quality equipment and devices. Whether it’s for your truck, 4WD, off-road adventure or motorbike, you can turn to us for all your needs. With 45 years of experience, we have seen many customers fed up with buying cheaply made and temporary products.

We offer RAM Mounts for a huge variety of situations. These can mount items from your phone, laptop, tablet or other electronic device to cup holders! Some popular mounts we stock can attach to your car dashboard or windscreen, fit into your cup holder, attach to handlebars or railings, to your kayak, boat, wheelchair and more. View our full range in our online store.



Ram Mount Stocklists Near Me

How to choose the correct RAM Mount for you

There is a wide range of RAM Mounts on the market, all designed for different uses. While this range is useful, it can make it difficult to decide! Here at Electric Bug, we wanted to make the hunt easier for you. That’s why we have listed factors you may use as a guideline when buying RAM Mounts.

  1. Device
    The first step to getting the right ram mount is knowing the size of your device. We stock RAM Mounts for a variety of devices such as tablets, phones, GPS, cup holders, laptops and more. It is important you know the model of your device so that we can provide the correct mount to you.
  2. Place of Installation
    Where are you going to install the mount? Is it for a vehicle that is sturdier, or riskier ones such as a motorcycle? Whichever it is, you have to make sure the mount fits to where you’ll place it.
  3. Activity
    In relevance to the location of the mount, your activity also matters in installing ram mounts. For vehicles that are used for off-road adventures, a stronger grip is required to hold your device in place.
  4. Arm Length
    Ram mounts have different arm lengths to suit different applications. With this, you have to determine the comfortable distance of the mount from you.



Ram Mount Stocklists Near Me

Electric Bug – The Ram Mount Stockists in Adelaide

We offer a comprehensive selection of RAM Mounts compatible with iPhone, Garmin, Android, and devices with bigger screens. We also supply mounts with varying arm lengths ranging from short, medium and long. For individual advice and assistance, please come in to our Torrens Rd store and see our huge range of RAM Mounts.

We understand that deciding which product to choose may still be challenging. That’s why our team makes sure that our lines are always open for answering questions and giving recommendations.




Need RAM Mount advice or installation? Call the Electric Bug team today!


Handheld GPS

Prevent Accidents Using a Handheld GPS

While phones have built-in apps for navigating, considering them as an accurate handheld GPS is a mistake. Most especially when a lot of people get lost on an adventure. If you’re one of them, this GPS device can dramatically help in increasing your survival chances in the event of an accident.

A lot of unpredictable instances can happen during a supposed fun adventure. From inclement weather to encountering wild animals, it’s not farfetched for these things to happen. That’s why we highly encourage people to get portable GPS devices. Phones are simply not enough to map out your destination and lead you to a safer track. Fortunately, here at Electric Bug, we supply a wide range of options that you can choose from. From modern looking ones to heavy-duty use, we have all possible versions for you.

Handheld GPS

Advantages of a Handheld GPS

If you still think a handheld GPS is not necessary, imagine yourself traversing an unfamiliar mountain in the dark. Equipping yourself with this device can reduce the chances of getting lost and other hazardous scenarios. To give you more insight into how this device can be helpful, here are some benefits to owning one:

  1. Accurate mapping out of track course
    As mentioned, the top advantage of having a portable GPS is safety. A high-quality GPS device can help in giving you an overview of the waypoints and terrain. This gives you the opportunity to safely plan out your route.
  2. Weather Alert
    A lot of GPS models have a weather alert feature that can help you in seeking refuge in case there’s danger brought on by the weather.
  3. You can inform authorities of your location
    Anything can happen during a camping trip away, for instance. Fortunately, having your own GPS can save you when you’re in danger.
  4. User-Friendly
    Using a GPS only requires minimum effort.
Handheld GPS

Buy Your Handheld GPS with Electric Bug

A handheld GPS is not just for hikers and adventurous people. It is also ideal for accurate surveying by professionals. That’s why Electric Bug offers a range of products that can fit any of our customers’ needs.

“After-sales service is the key. Not only do they know their products but they put customer service on another level. I purchased a GPS navigator a few weeks before the Adelaide caravans camping show from them and the item was considerably cheaper for the show. I enquired and mentioned I should’ve waited to buy it. The manager at the show took my name and number and refunded the difference. I don’t think too many businesses would’ve done that. Special thanks to Anthony. Why would anyone go anywhere else”.

Fabio Palcini

Learn more information about our handheld GPS and other products. Call our team today!

4x4 Accessories

Pioneer of Premium 4×4 Accessories in South Australia

As South Australia’s leader in communications, GPS and navigation systems and services, we aim to offer the best 4×4 accessories for every adventure enthusiast. Since 1976, we have offered customers with leading technologies necessary to improve their road trip experience. Due to COVID 19, the nation has seen more and more people embrace road trips and off road adventures. When going into the outback or to remote locations, communication is key to your safety. In making sure you maintain communication to seamlessly navigate the road, we have remained at the forefront of the industry.

Electric Bug is a family-owned and operated business that provides products and services at a competitive price. We understand how crucial the tools we offer are in getting peace of mind during your travels with family and friends. From satellite phones to navigation devices, we are the company you can trust and rely on. With our many years of experience, we confidently meet our clients’ satisfaction beyond expectations. While all our products can be purchased from the comfort of your home, you can visit our location to personally check out our services and products. You’ll find the best short range communication available, with our UHF radio, in addition to our Cel-Fi Go, the top of the range XRS370c, and RAM mounts for all of your devices.

4x4 Accessories

What Feature 4×4 Accessories You Should Consider

When purchasing 4×4 accessories, there are a number of things you should consider
to make sure you’re getting the right sets. Whether you’re a seasoned driver or a newbie, knowing the handbook of buying accessories can prevent you from committing mistakes. To help you, here are some factors you should consider:

  • Will it affect your vehicle’s warranty?
    A lot of newbies mistakenly purchase an accessory without considering if it can damage the vehicle and prevent you from claiming the warranty.
  • How robust is the material?
    Make sure you’re not prioritising aesthetics when purchasing accessories related to safety. For instance, bull bars should be made of strong material, enough to protect people inside the vehicle in case of accidents.
  • Is it compatible with other factory accessories?
    Compatibility is a factor you should consider if you want to maximise your purchase’s value.
  • Does the accessory affect the functionality of your vehicle?
4x4 Accessories

We’ll Guide You in Buying the Right 4×4 Accessories

Here at Electric Bug, you have a lot of 4×4 accessories to choose from, including, GPS and dash cam accessories, as well as antennas for your vehicle. That being said, it is common to doubt and worry if you’re making the right purchase. Fortunately, we have friendly experts who are always ready to help you. Whether you’re after repairs, or installation for our wide range of products, our team is always available for any questions you’d like answered. Moreover, we guarantee to offer you unbiased recommendations to ensure your satisfaction and safety.

We offer unmatched products and services that can last for a long time. In addition to that, we will make sure to listen to your needs so we can provide the right advice for you. Most importantly, we uphold integrity and won’t recommend accessories that are unfit for your situation. The expert advice we partake in will always be based on your budget, requirements and compliance with the industry’s safety standards.

If you want to learn more about our 4×4 accessories, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Electric Bug team.

Camping Stores Adelaide

Electric Bug—We Are the Best Camping Store in Adelaide That Specialises in Electronics

Are you looking for Adelaide camping stores specialising in electronic devices? Look no further and choose Electric Bug. With our communication and navigation products, you can efficiently find your way in the wilderness.

Being outdoors is among life’s best experiences. To make your camping trip a pleasant experience, we offer a broad range of electronics that can help all camping enthusiasts with their exploration. Our sales staff can help you find the device you need for your outdoor adventures. They are knowledgeable about the products we offer and will provide you with the best advice regarding your purchase.

As Adelaide’s preferred camping stores, we dedicate ourselves to providing you with the best customer service. We can go above and beyond your expectations with our superior product knowledge. Our company has been serving adventure enthusiasts for years. From a store that sells cameras, we have evolved into a premier provider of communication and navigation products, repairs, and installations.

Camping Stores Adelaide

As One of the Best Camping Stores in Adelaide, Our Team at Electric Bug Knows the Importance of Devices

For outdoor enthusiasts, there are different types of devices offered by camping stores in Adelaide. Some examples include multi-function devices, one-way communication, two-way communication and personal locators.

Wilderness travellers such as backpackers and hikers need high-tech and reliable equipment for various reasons.

  • Communicate with family and friends, sending them “I’m okay” messages.
  • Sending SOS
  • Two-way messaging for professional and personal communications
  • Trip planning and GPS tracking
  • Photography
  • Map reading
  • Much more!

The wilderness can be full of uncertainties. That’s why it’s important to have devices other than your phone to locate where you are and to communicate with others in case of an emergency. With such devices, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can ask for help.

Camping stores in Adelaide offer traditional and unique devices for various adventures. Let us know about your upcoming camping trip so we can provide you with the best options.

Camping Stores Adelaide

Choose Electric Bug – the Best Camping Store in Adelaide for Your Communication and Navigation Needs

Camping stores in Adelaide, such as Electric Bug, will match suggestions according to your camping style. Most people do not go beyond roadside rest stops and caravan parks during their adventures. Others want to appreciate nature further by going on foot, carrying a backpack.

As one of the trusted camping stores in Adelaide, we will provide you with customised communication and navigation options, including GPS, maps, radios, and more.

“I purchased a GPS navigator a few weeks before the Adelaide caravans camping show from them and the item was considerably cheaper for the show. I enquired and mentioned I should’ve waited to buy it. The manager at the show took my name and number and refunded the difference. I don’t think too many businesses would’ve done that”. – Fabio Palcini

Make your adventures fun, enjoyable, and safe by visiting our camping store in Adelaide. You can also shop Electric Bug products and services online!

Dashcam Adelaide

Electric Bug—Your Expert Dashcam Supplier and Installer

When you need a dashcam at the best price in Adelaide, shop only at Electric Bug. With this device, you can provide evidence during disputes and for your insurance. We offer Australia’s most reliable dashcam brands.

As a trusted dashcam supplier and installer in Adelaide, we offer products that are designed for the country’s driving conditions. These devices are incredibly useful to drivers. Moreover, you can use a dashcam for any vehicle.

These devices are practical as well. They can easily be installed in interior windscreens and once in use, you can continuously record the footage as your drive.

The dashcams we offer have a wide range of features. We offer devices with a built-in GPS processor. Meaning, you can record the vehicle’s exact position and speed. It can be used as evidence when defending against unwarranted speeding tickets, false insurance claims and wrongful allegations.

Dashcam Adelaide

Why Do You Need a Dashcam in Adelaide?

A dashcam is very useful for Adelaide drivers. The upfront costs, which include purchasing the device and the installation, may look expensive. However, it has been proven that these dashcams can save drivers money in the long run. The records on your dashcam will serve as protection against different kinds of vehicular accidents and more.

A dashcam can also help you deal with difficult drivers in Adelaide. All drivers have encountered or will eventually encounter undisciplined drivers. They’re more than bothersome. Because of their irresponsibility, other people can face dangers. So if you have a record of a driver’s unruly behaviour on the road, this can already serve as proof in case there are no eyewitnesses during the incident.

With a dashcam, you can record parking accidents. For example, if your neighbour is still a beginner at driving, you can easily get evidence that he or she has accidentally scratched your car. A dashcam can even be left when you’re leaving your car unattended.

Dashcam Adelaide

Choose Electric Bug Whenever You Need a Dashcam in Adelaide

Electric Bug has years of experience in the industry, including dashcam supply and installation in Adelaide. Our staff members are highly trained to deliver the best advice. Our commitment is to provide you with the best customer service.

Aside from selling devices, we can repair your dashcam in Adelaide as well. We make it a point to cover all the bases and do our best to repair the item. If the old one needs to be replaced, we will offer you the best options at competitive prices. If you have questions about our products, our expert sales staff will be happy to answer them all.

Here’s a review from one of our customers:

“Good place to do business with. No nonsense, accurate straight to the point information. Got what I wanted and at a satisfactory price. Totally satisfied”. – Chris Taylor

Need a dashcam for your vehicle in Adelaide? We have products that will surely fit your needs. Shop from Electric Bug today!

RAM Mounts

Electric Bug—The Experts in RAM Mounts and Installations

Electric Bug supplies and installs RAM mounts to vehicles in Adelaide, and Australia-wide. This American-made product is very sturdy and comes with a lifetime warranty. RAM constantly adds new products to their line of mounts, so we’re sure to have what you need.

RAM mounts were originally made for military personnel, and are now available to civilians. Using RAM products is just like building with Lego. You can select from over 20,000 compatible components and combine them to fit your needs. If this gets confusing, our team can help you from conceptualisation to installation!

RAM Mounts

The Importance of RAM Mounts

RAM mounts are the answer to our growing technological needs. As computers and telecommunications progress, we need accessories that enable us to efficiently use our smart devices.

Since smartphones, laptops, and tablets cannot stay in place when driving, you need RAM mounts to hold these devices. These accessories are sturdy, versatile and rugged. They are excellent at holding and securing your costly smartphones and tablets. These holders are compatible with Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, GoPro and many other brands.

The purpose of RAM mounts is not just to secure and protect your device. They also ensure that your device is steady wherever you attach it. The mounts use high-quality materials that can withstand all weather conditions. RAM products can easily mount most devices. We stock a huge variety of products to fit vehicles, motorbikes, boats, mobility aids, kayaks and more! As always, if you require a tailored solution we are able to order products in for you.

RAM Mounts

Choose Electric Bug for supply and installation!

Electric Bug is a leading supplier and installer of RAM mounts, communication systems and devices, GPS, and navigation products in South Australia. Our staff are highly skilled and have a combined 130+ years of experience in the communications industry.

Our knowledge, expertise, and experience enable us to deliver the best mounts for your specific use. Once we’ve determined the best mount for your vehicle, can handle installation too! As RAM products have a lifetime warranty when purchased from an authorised reseller such as Electric Bug, we are able to handle any repairs you may need.

See what our customers say about our product and service:

“Specialists in adaptive equipment. Full of gadgets and ideas to help solve those difficult situations often relating to mobility aids, for example wheelchairs that need mobile phone holders”. – Naomi Clarke

We offer numerous RAM mounts on our website. We are also ready whenever you need us to install or repair your device mounts. Call us for more information!

Telstra Cel Fi Go

Electric Bug Offers Australia’s Only Approved Repeater — The Telstra Cel Fi Go

Electric Bug offers the Telstra Cel Fi Go, the only repeater authorised, approved, and tested in Australia. This device is used for improving cellular service. It can eliminate dropped calls and dead zones by strengthening 3G, 4G and LTE services.

The Telstra Cel Fi Go not only serves as a signal booster. It can also lessen your phone’s power requirements. As a result, its battery life is extended. This PRO product can cover up to 13,000 square feet (1,200 square metres) of indoor space. It has an LCD interface that’s self-sufficient and self-configuring. You don’t need external wires or antennas to make it work. Just plug it in, and it will do its job.

This outstanding product ships globally. It is not only FCC and CE approved. The device also gained the approval of various mobile operators around the world.

Telstra Cel Fi Go

The Benefits of Telstra Cel Fi Go

You just need to pick the best spot for the Telstra Cel Fi Go that gets at least a bar of signal to benefit from this product. You no longer need to go outside your property or move to a particular spot to make phone calls.

Also, remember that mobile phones that receive weak signals use more energy than usual. It draws from the internal power, attempting to increase the poor signal. In other words, your phone will consume more battery power. With the Telstra Cel Fi Go, your mobile signal will improve, removing the burden on your phone. The battery can last longer, and you can maximise the use of your phone.

The quality of voice you hear on your phone is dependent on the signal strength. It is also affected by interference. With a repeater, you can have a full signal wherever you are on your property, improving the voice quality on your mobile phone.

Telstra Cel Fi Go

When You Need Telstra Cel Fi Go, Shop Only at Electric Bug

Electric Bug has been offering communication products, including the Telstra Cel Fi Go, to South Australia for more than 35 years. Our technicians are excellently trained to provide you with advice regarding the equipment you plan to buy. We know the right placement to maximise the use of your repeater.

With our broad knowledge and years of experience, we can provide you with the best communication products for your home or business. You can let us, the experts, install your Telstra Cel Fi Go. We can also repair the products you purchased from our shop. If you have questions about this repeater and our services, our sales team can answer them all.

Here’s a review from one of our happy and satisfied customers:

“Great service with helpful and knowledgeable staff. This is my go-to shop for all my communication and navigation needs these days. Never been disappointed”. – Alan Nobrega

Get your Telstra Cel Fi Go from the experts who can deliver advice and install your repeater. Contact Electric Bug today!

Reversing Camera Installation Adelaide

Electric Bug—The Experts at Reversing Camera Installation in Adelaide

When you need experts who provide reversing camera installation services in Adelaide, let Electric Bug help. With so many large vehicles today, it can be difficult to see behind your vehicle. We want to promote safety for pedestrians by supplying and installing reversing cameras.

Our team has over 130 years of combined experience in the industry. Our staff is expertly trained to provide the best reversing camera installation services in Adelaide.

We make it our mission to provide exceptional customer service. Furthermore, our experts can answer any questions you may have about the reversing cameras we supply and install. If you already have a device bought from another store and you need help setting it up, let us help you.

Our team can install your device on any vehicle. We also bring creative solutions, enabling you to make the most out of your reversing camera. Above all, the products and services we offer come at excellent prices.

Reversing Camera Installation Adelaide

Who Can Perform Reversing Camera Installations in Adelaide?

Having an expert perform the reversing camera installation in Adelaide is ideal. While it is possible to DIY the task, we know that you don’t want to go through the hassle. By calling us, the experts, you can use your device in no time and ensure accuracy. We can excellently wire it to your dashboard screen as well.

These devices can sense when your car is reversing. We will lend you our expertise and properly wire it into the reverse lamp. After the signal is received, the camera activates and then you’ll see the rear view on your screen.

Our team consists of professional and qualified technicians who are experts in reversing camera installation in Adelaide. We make sure that the system is properly installed to avoid engine interference. Prior to the installation, we will discuss where the camera will be fitted. Our technicians will let you know if there are any required structural modifications to your vehicle.

Reversing Camera Installation Adelaide

For All Your Reversing Camera Installation Needs in Adelaide, Choose Electric Bug

At Electric Bug, our reversing camera installation experts in Adelaide will ensure that the placement of your device will have an unobstructed and clear view. With our services, you can make driving safer.

We’re not just a reversing camera installation specialist in Adelaide. We can also repair your device and reinstall it to your vehicle. Let us know the issue with your camera and we’ll figure out if it can be repaired or replaced. If you have questions about our products and the installation we provided, our sales team can help you.

Electric Bug is a professional and reputable company that offers reversing camera installation in Adelaide. Call us today if you need help with products or installations.

Keep Lines of Communication Open with Our Satellite Phone Hire Service

Electric Bug is a family-owned and operated store in Adelaide that provides satellite phone hire at the most competitive prices in the market. We understand how vital these phones are when travelling out of Adelaide to remote areas. Therefore, we have a fleet of phones available for hire.

Since our launch in 1976, our company has been at the forefront of ensuring that we provide quality communication, GPS and navigation products and services to our clients. Our satellite phone hire fleet is comprised of Iridium 9555 and 9505A phones, already connected to the Pivotel network.

Apart from our high powered Iridium satellite phones, we also hire a variety of devices, including UHF CB, UHF Handheld and emergency Beacons. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our products and the costs of satellite phone rental, or if you’d like to book or get a quote from us.

Why Get a Satellite Phone for Hire

Primarily, people hire satellite phones because they want to keep lines of communication open when travelling to remote or rural areas. Compared to mobile phones, which connect to a particular cellular phone tower, these devices connect directly to a satellite. Hence, if you are a business that operates globally, it’s easy for you to operate regardless of your location.

Other reasons why you’ll need a satellite phone:

  • Travelling enthusiasts can remain in communication with their families once they get to a location where mobile networks are not accessible. You will ensure that they have peace of mind even when you are far away from them
  • They are a safety tool, especially during an emergency call. For instance, in case of an earthquake and your cell phone service is not functional, you can use the device to communicate
  • Satellite phones also transmit your location automatically. If you need a rescue team to locate you, the team can use the GPS location to assist you

Buying Vs Hiring a Satellite Phone

When looking for a satellite phone, you can look forward to either hiring or buying one with Electric Bug. We make it easy to hire, as we provide all the essentials and are even open Saturdays for your convenience.

What do you need to know about the budget?

These devices can be costly. If you are an avid traveller or business purchasing a sat phone may be for you! Browse our range online or come in store to talk to an expert.

If you only need to travel for a few days, hiring this device is a good option as the cost of the phone plan can add up if you are only using the device infrequently.

Our Iridium hire phones come already connected to the Pivotel network, meaning you’ll be ready to go immediately! We also provide all the essentials such as a carry bag, charger, and protective case.

Call Electric Bug today to book or get a quote for our satellite phone hire.

Quality Satellite Phones from Electric Bug

Electric Bug is a reliable SA communication and navigation family business that sells a wide range of satellite phones. We have been in the industry since 1976, and our company has evolved from selling just cameras to having a variety of electronic goods for industrial clients and travelling enthusiasts.

Some of the products you can get from us include RAM mounts, GPS equipment, mobile phone range extender kits, UHF, among other accessories.

Our mission is to ensure that we offer our clients outstanding customer service, flexible and creative solutions, great value and superior product knowledge. We go above and beyond our client’s expectations so that you can have a memorable experience with us. Reach out to Electric Bug today to get quality services and products.

Why Our Satellite Phones Are the Best in the Industry

Our family-run business has established itself as a respected satellite phones provider in South Australia over the years. You can place your order on our online store, or you can visit our convenient location to see the products we have as they are.

If you have problems selecting the proper satellite phone for your needs, you can always talk to one of our knowledgeable staff for expert advice. We will listen to your goals, recommend the best option based on your requirements and budget. Since we have been able to supply our products and services to over 700 businesses, we assure you that we can meet your supply needs.

If you require setup assistance or even repair services, our team is ready to assist you with that. We have a technician on our team with over 35 years of experience. He can fix any problem and offer warranty services. If your order is above $50, we will deliver it right to your doorstep for free.

Should You Hire or Buy a Satellite Phone?

Satellite phones are essential devices for global businesses and travelling enthusiasts. If you are in an area where it will be challenging to locate a cellular network for a few days, this device will help you remain in contact with loved ones and colleagues, especially in case of emergencies. Our clients often ask us whether they should buy or hire a satellite phone.

At Electric Bug, we offer both services. We will sell you the satellite phone and we can hire it out you. We understand that these devices can be a bit costly. Therefore, if you’ll only need it for a few days, there’s no need to buy it. All our satellite phones come ready and connected with our partners from Pivotel. Other equipment that we hire includes UHF CB, UHF handheld and emergency beacons.

Call our team of specialists to book or get a quote for your ideal satellite phone.