Telstra Cel Fi Go

Electric Bug Offers Australia’s Only Approved Repeater — The Telstra Cel Fi Go

Electric Bug offers the Telstra Cel Fi Go, the only repeater authorised, approved, and tested in Australia. This device is used for improving cellular service. It can eliminate dropped calls and dead zones by strengthening 3G, 4G and LTE services.

The Telstra Cel Fi Go not only serves as a signal booster. It can also lessen your phone’s power requirements. As a result, its battery life is extended. This PRO product can cover up to 13,000 square feet (1,200 square metres) of indoor space. It has an LCD interface that’s self-sufficient and self-configuring. You don’t need external wires or antennas to make it work. Just plug it in, and it will do its job.

This outstanding product ships globally. It is not only FCC and CE approved. The device also gained the approval of various mobile operators around the world.

Telstra Cel Fi Go

The Benefits of Telstra Cel Fi Go

You just need to pick the best spot for the Telstra Cel Fi Go that gets at least a bar of signal to benefit from this product. You no longer need to go outside your property or move to a particular spot to make phone calls.

Also, remember that mobile phones that receive weak signals use more energy than usual. It draws from the internal power, attempting to increase the poor signal. In other words, your phone will consume more battery power. With the Telstra Cel Fi Go, your mobile signal will improve, removing the burden on your phone. The battery can last longer, and you can maximise the use of your phone.

The quality of voice you hear on your phone is dependent on the signal strength. It is also affected by interference. With a repeater, you can have a full signal wherever you are on your property, improving the voice quality on your mobile phone.

Telstra Cel Fi Go

When You Need Telstra Cel Fi Go, Shop Only at Electric Bug

Electric Bug has been offering communication products, including the Telstra Cel Fi Go, to South Australia for more than 35 years. Our technicians are excellently trained to provide you with advice regarding the equipment you plan to buy. We know the right placement to maximise the use of your repeater.

With our broad knowledge and years of experience, we can provide you with the best communication products for your home or business. You can let us, the experts, install your Telstra Cel Fi Go. We can also repair the products you purchased from our shop. If you have questions about this repeater and our services, our sales team can answer them all.

Here’s a review from one of our happy and satisfied customers:

“Great service with helpful and knowledgeable staff. This is my go-to shop for all my communication and navigation needs these days. Never been disappointed”. – Alan Nobrega

Get your Telstra Cel Fi Go from the experts who can deliver advice and install your repeater. Contact Electric Bug today!