Located on Torrens Road, not far from Adelaide’s main trucking thoroughfare, sits a poster clad, blue roofed building, with a carpark that can not only accommodate a multitude of customers, but 10 prime movers simultaneously. This building has been the home of family owned Electric Bug for over 40 years; a family run electronic goods store whom have keep their industrial clients, caravan and camping enthusiast, nomads, and SA’s emergency services connected in the backroads, trails and outer paddocks of this expansive country.

Established as “Shutter Bug” in early 1970s, Electric Bug began its life selling cameras, and has since evolved and expanded with the needs of its consumer base. After interest in radio communications grew amongst the store’s experts, Electric Bug went from specialising in cameras, to becoming one of the first to sell and service Citizen Band Radios in South Australia. Designed to meet the needs of CB hobbyists, Electric Bug branched into the outdoor campers and four-wheel drive fanatics, and has now added RAM Mounts and Satellite Phones to its core product range. Supplying to over 700 businesses including CavPower, Viterra, Stillwell Group,  SA Ambulance and a variety of Government Departments, Electric Bug has established itself as one of the most respected leaders in radio communication and GPS equipment in South Australia.

If you’re planning to shun the daily grind and escape the confinement of your home, have you asked yourself…Are you ready for adventure?

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