4 useful applications you need in your phone before you get in the car !

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Gone are the days when people used to face a lot of challenges on the road due to minimal communication and digital assistance. Today, when you set off for your camping and caravanning trip or just simply driving through a urban area, you no longer need the big paper maps, especially with such breakthroughs such as Garmins 775  or a Hema HX-1. What you need is up-to-date information about the roads terrain, campsites, facilities and everything pertaining to your outdoor adventure. With the advanced technological and digital communication facilities that are currently available, you only need a Smartphone that is compatible with many applications. Here are five must-have applications to assist you on your adventure travel around Australia.

Google Maps is the perfect replacement for paper maps when we are talking about the suburbs and of course paired up with your handheld GPS for the more remote areas !. The app helps you to navigate across any Australian Road during your outdoor recreation. The application provides street maps, satellite imagery and street view perspectives for accuracy with any 3 or 4G connection, in essence the app will see where road works, or traffic delays are and provide you with the fasted rout too! thank you, I’ll take that!,

If you are not sure of the direction to follow or the place you are, Google Maps is a must-have. The app has a voice-guided GPS navigation that comes in handy when driving or biking through an unfamiliar road. You will, however, probably need a RAM Mount for your Smartphone, RAM have options for all phones of all sizes and for all vehicles  and can be built to your liking.

Now that you know how to navigate around Adelaide or your respective suburb and entire Australia with your four-wheel drive but do you know the various amazing destinations that you can go? Worry not because WikiCamps is here for your rescue. This particular app contains up-to-date information about caravan parks, camping grounds, points of interest, backpacker hostels, and information centres-the app has almost everything that an outdoor enthusiast may want.  Another fantastic feature of WikiCamps is that it can be operated offline so you can sit back and relax with no need to be worried about WIFI connection or cell phone connectivity. While you may opt for Satellite phone or UHF CB Radio for communication in areas with no cell phone reception, WikiCamps is what you need to guide you across Australia. WikiCamps comes with filters to customise your search. Are you cruising with a 4WD? Do you intend to travel with pets? WikiCamps filters the information and gives you the place to visit based on your needs.

With the Waze Audio Player, you can enjoy music & navigation in harmony – Where you can enjoy the  music in the same time as driving with Waze and don’t lose a beat, not even once! how it works is you have to sync waze with your favorit audio service, super easy (for example, mine is Spotify! compatible with waze) to come upon a smooth experience between Waze and your audio controls. Get audio controls inside Waze and also turn-by-turn instructions in your music app. Now, this is where it gets cool….

For outdoor enthusiasts, you will agree with me that cruising with your 4WD car is fun. It can, however, be frustrating if you are caught up in traffic. That’s where Waze App comes in handy. This App gives you up-to-date information about what is happening ahead of your track. Waze App tells you about the state of traffic, crashes, construction, and more information in real-time extending the service to give you more than music. This amazing application can show you the best alternative route for you to follow in case of crashes or traffic. You can tell your estimated arrival time and also the nearest fuel stations along your pathway. With the unpredicted traffic in Australia, the Waze App is definitely an application that you ought to have.

Planning for an outdoor adventure can be stressful especially when you have no idea of the places to go. Look no further than the people who brought us the HX-1 ! Hema are the leaders when it comes to outback maps in Australia and we strongly recommend their products. The Hema Explorer app helps in planning and navigating your four-wheel drive, caravanning or camping adventures. You can use this application to plan your vacation by finding the ideal caravan parks, campsites, and rest areas that are essential during your outdoor recreation. Worried about where to refuel? Keep calm, with Hema Explorer installed in your Smartphone; you can find 24-hour fuel locations, that’s handy ! moving on further…

By accessing Hema Explorer Map, you can get information about roads and 4WD tracks that will guide you across Australia. You want to make your travel adventure simple with quick re-routing and capture and record every step of your trip-what are you waiting for? Install Hema Explorer and enjoy your dream camping and caravanning experience.

And there you have it, four apps you need on your phone, helping you with music, camping, navigation in the city and valuable easy to access information all in your pocket !