Best UHF CB Radio Devices for Adelaide and Australia

UHF radio devices have remained essential communication tools in many industries over the years. They have many applications, from driving on highways, managing slow caravans, and travelling outside metro areas, to working on construction sites and driving in sand dunes.

At Electric Bug, we sell a wide variety of handheld and mobile UHF radios from reputable brands such as GME, ICOM, and Uniden. We are official suppliers for GME and ICOM in SA. We can also supply you with all the accessories needed for installation and use. Browse our online store to see our wide range of products

Why We Are a Trusted UHF Radio Supplier

Electric Bug is a leading Adelaide communication, navigation, and GPS expert that offers a wide range of products, including UHF radios. We have been in the industry for over 45 years and have long-standing partnerships with reputable brands in Australia and the world. We sell CB radios, HF radios, reversing cameras, GPS systems, in-car navigations systems, satellite phones, and cel fi, among other products.

Our expert sales team at Electric Bug have the necessary product knowledge since they have a combined experience of over 135+ years in the industry. You can be sure that our well-trained team will provide excellent customer services, creative solutions for your requirements and great value for your money.


What UHF Radio Channels Should I Use in Australia?

Of the 80 channels available on modern UHF CB radios, it can be hard to know which ones to use! A few channels to get started on are:

  • 11: Calling Channel: Use to call another user who may be listening on the call channel (such as a friend). After contact you must move to another channel.
  • 40: Highway and Trucks
  • 18: Caravan and Campers
  • 10: 4WD
  • 5: Emergency Repeater
  • 9, 12-17, 19-21, 24-30, 39, 49-60, 64-70, 79 and 80: General use!

Download the full guide below:

Other UHF Radio Services We Offer

Our team of experienced technicians will guide you from selecting the best UHF radio for your needs, to installing it in your vehicle. Here are other services you’ll get at Electric Bug:

  • Equipment hire
    If you don’t plan to use your UHF radio for long, you can hire one for your next adventure. We have a fleet of products that we rent out to meet the demands of our clients. Furthermore, it’s a way to save money when planning for your next adventure.
  • Vehicle installation
    Our technician has been working with our company for over 35 years now. He will provide quick and efficient installation of the UHF radio. He will also help you set it up and provide guidance where required.
  • Repair and warranty repair
    We also offer repair services for our products. You can bring your device to our shop, and our expert team will fix it for you. We can also organise replacements if the radio device is under warranty.

For more information on our UHF radios, check out our online store or call Electric Bug today.