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If you are looking for durable, robust and user-friendly walkie talkies, you’ve come to the right place. We offer the highest quality of products and services from reputable brands around Australia and the world. Be assured that all our UHF handheld devices can adapt to different situations and uses.

As leading GPS, navigation and communication experts in SA, you can ensure that all the products and services we offer to our clients are exceptional. Our well-trained staff will guide you in selecting the best products based on your preference and budget. We will also provide flexible and creative solutions, great value for your money and outstanding customer service. Contact our team today or visit our convenient location to find out more about our products and services

Our Walkie Talkie Services

Apart from selling walkie talkies, we have a myriad of communication, navigation and GPS products that you can pick up from us. This includes cellular boosters, RAM Mounts, GeoCaching, Dashcam range, BajaRack, UHF CB Radios, satellite communication, antennas and other accessories.

Our friendly and approachable staff will first want to know what devices you need, how you’d like to use them, your budget and only then will then offer you an innovative solution based on your requirements. If you need a UHF handheld device for one trip, you can always hire the equipment from us.

We also help you set up your new walkie talkie and in case you want professional help installing a UHF CB device in your vehicle, our experienced technicians will assist. We also offer repairs and warranty repairs. Once you bring the product to our shop, we will send it away to the manufacturer for replacements if it’s under warranty.

Choosing Between UHF and VHF Walkie Talkie

When selecting the best walkie talkie, you will come across two types of two-way radios. That is the UHF and VHF. Both have found significant use in different industries, including construction, health, public safety and trucking services.

On the other hand, each carries its own set of differences. For instance, UHF (Ultra High Frequency) is ideal for people who intend to use them indoors or in areas where the signal comes across various physical obstacles. Since they can go through multiple obstacles, they are also helpful in outdoor settings. VHF radios (Very High Frequency) are the best option for outdoor environments. They are not as effective in an indoor environment.

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