Exclusive Supplier of the XRS370

Recognising the increasing demands for premium quality communication tools, we are continuously widening our product selection by offering reliable devices like the XRS370. Here at Electric Bug, we take pride in delivering solutions to our clients through our excellent customer service and high-quality products. Having 45 years of experience, we have gained an understanding of how trends can quickly change. Not to mention how countless new competitors appear.

Despite that, we are confident with our high standards that have given us a point of difference in the industry. However, achieving this is not an easy feat to pull off. We have diligently worked to maintain this status by consistently delivering unrivalled services, premium products and genuine care for our customers. Moreover, our comprehensive selection of products gives our customers the flexibility they need when it comes to choosing and purchasing products.


Impressive Features of the XRS370

Hailed as the most advanced UHF Citizen Band Radio in Australia, the XRS370 is a must-have. It has a combination of the latest electronic hardware and the most cutting-edge design for radio. However, this device is not just appealing. It also has an amazing list of features and specifications:

  • Powerful Receiver
    XRS370 can squelch the tail to avoid audible noise. It also has eight zones out of 50 channels, with a total of 400 additional receiving channels per zone.
  • Memory and Scanning
    It has a priority key that allows users to recall with one press. Aside from that, it is powered by microprocessors and has a programmable scanning function.
  • Accurate Signal Process
    It can filter, measure and compress analogue radio signals. Then, it can convert the audio data into digital format. In addition to that, it can determine signal interferences from other channels.


Let Us Help You Choose the Right XRS370 Model

XRS370 is one of the most trusted radio models in Australia. However, there are many varieties you can choose from. For this reason, a lot of customers get confused and doubt if they’re making the right choice. That’s why our team will help you in finding the right model. With our extensive amount of knowledge, you can carefully weigh out your options and get the most suitable product for you with our advice.

“They were of great help in providing information which helped me decide which GPS unit I was should purchase for my 2021around Australia trip. Even though I purchased the unit elsewhere on an unbelievable sale, when I returned to the shop looking for a mount they again provided great help and even gave me some notes they had prepared themselves to help their clients master the Garmin machine. This is what I call UNBELIEVABLE SERVICE, and I would highly recommend Electric Bug”.

Ronald S.

If you need an expert opinion before purchasing your XRS370, talk to our team today.