Whats the difference between the XTRAK 80 and the XTRAK 80 Pro?

Uniden’s new range of XTRAK Pro radios is finally available to purchase! As you may have noticed, Uniden has released a few different models of their new offering, the XTRAK 80 and the XTRAK 80 Pro. You might be wondering, what is the difference between the XTRAK 80 and the Pro model? Read on to find out!

Both models offer a huge range of great features not found on many previous Uniden offerings. The backlit keypad and anti-glare OLED display make it easy to see, day or night. The remote mic also has a powerful 2 Watt speaker built in for maximum sound output. The new magnetic mic holder is a great feature, making it easy to securely mount your microphone when not in use.

The XTRAK range also offers Uniden’s MasterScan® technology. This means if your channel is interrupted by other users, you and all radios in your group will seamlessly jump to a new empty channel, to allow for uninterrupted communication.

Another feature available on both models is Uniden’s innovative one touch instant replay. This allows you to record and replay up to 6 minutes of recently received communications, meaning you won’t miss an iportant transmission again! The Pro version allows recorded transmissions to be played through the app, as well as the radio itself.

Now for the key differences in the XTRAK range; App connectivity and Location Sharing. Location Sharing is a great feature that allows you to share your position without any mobile service. Share a spot you’ve found with others you are travelling with, or use your XTRAK 50 Pro handheld to keep track of the kids when they’re out adventuring.

The app allows you to view location sharing features, as well as control radio settings and listen to your audio recordings. The Bluetooth connectivity of the Pro also allows you to divert audio to alother Bluetooth enabled device, such as an earpiece.

At $549.95, the XTRAK 80 Pro retails for $100 more than its XTRAK 80 counterpart at $449.95. If location sharing is an important feature for you, this could be a great deal! The XTRAK 80 Pro is perfect for families and groups, as the location sharing makes finding each other easy and instant replay means noisy cabins are no issue! The pro version also pairs seamlessly with the XTRAK 50 Pro. If you need help deciding, would like to preorder your new UHF just in time for Christmas, or want any more info, give Electric Bug a call on 8346 9234 or shop below!